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ES-Say #114

Saying Anything To Mary McCartney(London 17/5/18)

Late Shift Lecture:Photo London: Mary McCartney(pic:Meredith Evonne)

Welcome Folks! Once again, it's time for another ES-Say in which we break from the norm of "Not Saying Anything To Paul McCartney" and "Say Anything To Someone Else." In ES-Say #62 , we said Anything To Stella McCartney, but now, 52 ES-Says later, it is finally time to pull out the Beatle Celebrities Scorecard again for.....*drum roll*

Mary McCartney....*Jazz Hands*-Photographer and first biological child of "The Paul McCartney" and born in 1969.

However, I had the extreme pleasure to interrupt Mary personalising her book for me when she asked if my first name was spelled "M-E-R-I-D-"

STOP RIGHT THERE, Mary!- "NO! It's M-E-R-E-D-I-T-H" and then the nerves I had a minute earlier waiting in line to meet her in the museum gift shop subsided. (Well, it was nerves and bewilderment that an £8 event was now up to £32 after purchasing this book for £24.95)

Signed Mary McCartney, Twelfth Night, HENI Publishing, 2016

So, after my name was properly spelled, I went into the less awkward topic of getting the opportunity to attend her lecture in the first place, last minute. "Oh, what a busy day!" I started, and once I said "I saw the event from your Instagram Account..." It was a familiar middle ground for Mary to comment back on positivity for, leading into her explaining what "Photo London" had to do with this event when I asked (I still don't really understand but Somerset House had been mentioned, and all I could think about was finding someone to take our photo before my time would be up).

The signing caught me off-guard. I thought I was only meant to attend an audience lecture, featuring McCartney speaking about her career at the National Portrait Gallery. And that's how it began at 7pm, as part of a four-day London photography fair(Photo London).
I had a good view of the stage in the small theatre as Mary spoke with Martin Barnes, a photographer curator from the V&A(The McCartney's have recently been planning to collaborate with the V&A with Linda McCartney's photography archive). They had a calm and chatty, one-to-one conversation onstage with a slide show of selected photo works by Mary. As expected, she promoted her work discussing the range of different subjects and people whom have shaped her spontaneous style of photography. 

Mary McCartney's Photograph of her father and eldest son, in 1999(pic: Meredith Evonne) 

When she spoke about her mother, Linda, she described Linda's photography as being revolutionary and the audience got a good sense of how it has influenced Mary's own work and interest in the field of Photography. Paul McCartney was mentioned least often but more casually and part of her general discussions of her family where appropriate("Those were Dad's hands...That's my 15 year old asked about"...etc). 

Mary's photo of brother James(above photo), presumably photographed in the 1990s.(pic Meredith Evonne)

The audience gasped in appreciation of her colourful and well-lit photographic examples that were shown on the slides. There were some jokes from Mary to the audience about taking up all of our time. In all honesty, I like art, photography, and jokes, like anyone would. I've never audibly made noises of appreciation when shown a photo, but maybe this is what hardcore photography fans are known to do when shown ballet dancers leaping in the air. Mary's photography is better and more accessible to public admiration than many of her peers, but the artsy Senior audience sprinkled with University aged students made me feel like a smile for a McCartney photo was clearly not enough reaction. Would medics have to be on-hand at the Sistine Chapel?  (Clearly, I don't belong with a National Portrait Gallery crowd.)

After Mary answered a few creepy questions from the audience (anything that starts off "I remember seeing you when you were Six..." from someone in the front row, doesn't seem appropriate to me), the talk ended, and as remembered that there was a brief mention from Barnes there would be book signing following the chat and I hauled a£$ to the NPG Museum Book Shop. It turned out to be the wrong place and I sprinted in my uncomfortable red shoes to find the gift shop. Even though I complained of the price of a theatre photobook, I was happy to be sold this least expensive item to have signed and enjoyed meeting with her. But, one look at her official shop on the website-  prices ranges from £24.95-£1,118.

If I was going to spend £1,000 in one evening, "Dad" is going to get all that money if he ever decides to tour the UK again. Mary is better off selling a scarf for a Grand to someone who would display it on their wall.

(It's not creepy at all that, I want to have an opportunity to do that. is it?)

Next Time On Not Saying Anything To Paul McCartney(the Blog), We discuss why Percy Thrillington should have stayed back in the 1970s, where he rightfully belongs....

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ES-Say #113

Brian May Day At Abbey Road

                                                        Mind The Wet Paint Signs
From time to time, I enjoy going to visit Beatles tourist sites in London. This past weekend was a May Bank Holiday and the weather has been warmer then usual(They tell me 28 degrees Celsius is hot and I believe it, despite only understanding Fahrenheit numbers). Today, with the weather similar to the weekend, I made a plan to try and find a few new places that I read about in one of my favourite Beatles guide books-The Beatles London(Anova Books). 

I'm often very lazy about venturing out too far in one day on my own, but the new landmarks were in walking distance from Baker Street, where I wanted to go anyway. I decided to move on to some more familiar famous places after I looked for 94 Baker Street(former Apple Shop location), Marylebone Register Office(Where Paul and Linda married in 1969), and Marylebone Magistrates' Court(John Lennon's two court appearances after a 1968 drugs raid).

                                                     I visited an HSBC...C£$P!

When I got out of Baker Street Station, I had a rough idea where I was heading to find Apple Shop. Turns out, I questioned if I was even in the right place as I found 90 Baker Street, missing the 94 address. I took photos of an HSBC thinking this was it and headed to Marylebone Road to find the other two legal buildings.(EDITOR'S NOTE: Not the guide book's fault, my fault, I walked past it when I crossed Paddington and it has a small movie theatre right before it. Will have to go back!)

Firstly, I may or may not have found Marylebone Register Office, because I didn't take the guide book with me(Ed. Note: Help! Help! Help!), and passed a few official looking buildings that didn't seem to fit the "Register Office" description. I concentrated on looking for the Magistrates Court but thought I had maybe been walking too far. I wanted to turn back, but then I found it!
                             This is an actual 100% location, so I won't have to return! hooray!

Next, I went to close-by Marylebone Station, where you can't go wrong as you can definitely explore the classic filming locations for the opening of scenes in "A Hard Day's Night"(1964). A lot of the original architecture still stands as you would expect a train station to preserve. However, since some of the area inside the station has changed, sections of the original flooring can be seen. Last time, I had a difficult time finding the exact portion of the floor in this scene:
This was due to the fact that the current area is occupied by a well-known retail store, whom I asked  assistance for information, went ape-£$t on me a few months back. I should have complained at the time about the poor customer service I received. This time, I learned my lesson to be discreet and quickly took this picture-
                                                    Just so you know, I'm a rebel!

....and then I bought a water from them!?! (I was relieved to get the photo without incident and thirsty from the heat.). To be certain, I'd  get something, I went outside and found some addition scuffed up identical tilling. I NEED TO GET A LIFE(ESPECIALLY IF THESE TILES WERE NOT SCREEN USED!). I just love original Beatles historic architecture and something that's not a replica is very special! 

It was then time to go to the London Beatles Store located on Baker Street. I have been there before and will often find something unique. I was impressed that they had framed Beatles filmstrips for sale(£40), but not so impressed that a Paul McCartney framed "No More Lonely Nights" 12" was available(£995) as beautiful as it was. So, what did I wind up buying that fit my criteria(cheap and cheerful)-
                         It's a Paul McCartney Hot Wheels Car!(£6), not an easy UK find!
When I left to head toward St John's Wood, where Abbey Road is found, I did my usual slow walk past Paul's Cavendish Avenue home. Needless to say, yet again, he wasn't standing outside in the street shouting "Meredith! Where have you been all my life!" To be honest, I wasn't bummed that I hadn't finally bumped into Paul, I was busy thinking about how I've never actually seen a famous person around Abbey Road Studios....until today....

I was headed on Abbey Road on the same side of the studio. There was a black car waiting in the front drive leading to the studios. A passenger side door opens about less than 10 feet away from where I'm walking. It was Dr. Brian May, guitarist from Queen, I could recognise him in my sleep. So, I must have been sleeping soundly when he slowly took his time to get out of the car and  I just watched. I see someone from the studio ask to take a photo with him and I make my move to try myself, but May immediately walks through the studios property. All I could do was try to get him walking into the studio.
                                                  The best photo I could get of Brian May 8/5/18
It's important to note that often when I visit Abbey Road, the graffiti walls go through changes(like when it was cleaned for people to leave Valentine messages or a Sgt Pepper's wallpaper was temporary added. Today, they were repainting the wall white to cover the previous graffiti. As you can see here, it's a big job requiring several paint coats for the painter on the left....
If I were to take a guess, property maintenance is probably a major bill for the studios(maybe this is why the advertised upcoming studio tour/talk is £105 a head, but that's just me angry at admission prices)

Wet Paint signs were left in several places including at the entrance to the studio store. I went there to buy a new Yellow Submarine t-shirt and a small bracelet.

I think it's obvious from this ES-Say that I don't always know where I'm going in London without consulting a map. St John's Wood Collectables frequently have flyers available outside nearby Abbey Road Studios, and are located at 2 Violet Hill, NW8 9EB. This was the first time I bothered to look for the store which is about a 4 minute walk away from the studios. I was not disappointed and pleasantly surprised. It's a small shop that has just about everything you can think of. Both touristy and non-touristy items. I also noticed that they have a great collection of old books and found a lot of stuff from my collection that I have lost over the years. It's filled with music stuff that not only The Beatles, though The Beatles are obviously what they sell the most of. There's no way that I won't return! I wound up spending about £35 and I would have stayed longer if the store had some air conditioning! (At least, if I pass out, let it be in this shop, because I really felt I was surrounded by lots of things to revive my collection at home).
Best place for Beatle fans on a cold day and luckily London weather can deliver on cold!
One of the things I bought was a framed art print for £10. I have of recently been interested in displaying artistic interpretations of Paul in my home. I think seeing the varied Beatle art in Liverpool recently is behind this. I'm sure it will go well with my other art piece here-

So that was my day out in London, we laughed, we cried, we cried some more, and now for some updates!

We're going to be doing some website addition of recommended links to follow for as much more Beatles websites on our blog web version. We do links within ES-Say's as well!

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ES-Say #112

The Upcoming Nervous Return To The Beatles 1Day Event
This image is how I imagine what I will be doing in Twickenham next sunday- desperately trying to sell stuff to cover my petrol(gas) bill.

Greetings blog readers! I'll start by advertising that I have now taken the attitude that "if you can't beat 'em, join 'em". Please see ES-Say #91 The 1Day I Go to see my original opinion which still stands. What has changed is that I decided to include myself as part of the merchandise sellers, to offer the UK Beatles 1Day event a bit more variety. (I guess what I'm trying to say is I want the chance to see if my attempt to get publicity for myself will be a wellcomed and I will have reason to return.)

I have purchased a table and I roped our blog nemesis, The Foot, into driving me to the pub where the event will be taking place all afternoon and evening. I'm getting a bit flustered right now as I am working out the details of what I'll be bringing. I need to calm the @#£ down because I'm sure my fear of not selling anything including myself(in other words, publicity for the blog) is all in my mind. However, I'm trying to cover all possible angles so my appearance is not the most embarrassing thing I ever planned.

The fact is I want to boost our UK readership. Simple enough. I've also considered that touting just my business card is ineffective. I've been getting together some merchandise to sell and then I figure it will pull people in. If they buy my stuff and don't take a business card, at least I will have cash to give The Foot for both transportation, and pain and suffering. ("You didn't tell me that Beatles tribute bands will be there..I don't like The Beatles...I might drop you off and come back.." barked The Foot on my voicemail last week. I've sincerely assured him that we will leave before the bands show up and nobody is going to force him to talk about the Frog chourus all day).

Truth be told, I will leave earlier than intended if I feel uncomfortable. I don't even feel like competition for other sellers. I made sure that my table will offer something that the other tables might not have(I'm selling books and magazines but not anything I could've gotten from another record show). However, I am reminded that I could do better than crashing and burning("Another Paul McCartney blog?!? You must be kidding!") based on my retail sales experience. I'm actually quite skilled in promotion and selling, but then again I remember what happened the first time I attempted the "folding table and chachi sales" at age six. (At the time, I leaned across my table to reach a customer at a school bake sale and got burned with a cigarette.. Thankfully, you can't smoke indoors on Sunday and I won't have flashbacks of screaming crying with a sore hand and not being allowed to continue making huge money of .20¢..Oh, the horror!).

So, in the next week, I will be getting everything ready and hoping for positive results. The worst thing that will happen is that Not Saying Anything To Paul McCartney will get a bad rap. That's ok, I'm still going to a Beatles Convention and that's good enough for me.

But, for the love of Wings, as a band, and not just a solo project for Paul(don't ask, it's a current discussion on Facebook), please take a business card if you're in attendance. Thank you!

The Beatles 1Day-May 6th 2018

Friday, March 30, 2018

ES-Say #111

Derek Taylor's "As Time Goes By" Autobiography Reissue

It's all "Heaven and Hell" experiences with Derek Taylor's account of his PR career in the 1960s. He started out as a journalist and ended up working for record companies by the time The Beatles broke up. Everything in-between is fascinating because Taylor was there for it all, and without using the word "Hippie" this is what he seemed to be. Or maybe he was one of the best movers and shakers in the music business at the time to be asked back as a Press Officer for The Beatles(his first stint was in 1964 and he returned in 1967 for Apple). What I do know for sure? Despite a 1973 memoir that jumps around and had a extended deadline to be met, Taylor understands the importance of relationships.  Personally and professionally, he makes it clear how he dealt with difficult people and those whom he appreciated("We dug him and he dug us"- describing Apple's Richard Dilello, who's own Beatles' experiences were also published in 1973.)

Paul McCartney said of Taylor's death in 1997, that Taylor was "A Beautiful Man." Taylor says of Paul, on page 198, in this short, 221-page book, that "I don't think I ever hated anyone as much as I hated Paul in the summer of 1968." This quote is to be taken lightly, despite its bite, when you begin to understand what Taylor stories have come before the discussion of the beginnings of Apple and what it meant to work for Apple. Taylor's relationship with McCartney is shown to be strong and meaningful, friendship-intact when work is not the main focus.

"Bloody hell, Derek! You with a tape-recorder asking us questions?" Said McCartney to Taylor during the filming of Help! in The Bahamas when Taylor had new prospects away from working with The Beatles. He, Taylor, was at the beginning of his industry jobs in California not really aware of hurting his past-partnerships in a quest for opportunities back as a journalist. After Taylor, mixed with the American youth counter-culture, shifted to working PR with The Byrds and The Beach Boys, along with a few bumpy clients along the way, he got hip to the scene(he was involved with organising 1967's Monteray Pop Festival, and from his view, it was everything both beautiful for the times, yet chaotic with sorting out high-demand press entry clearance for the model event).

Later on, when Taylor goes back to the UK to work for Apple(George asked him and he excepted), he reflects on how it became "an ungroovy place." This is something that anyone can understand when this business shifted from a carefree, experimental pleasure to a callous and uptight legal mess. Taylor watched as Apple as he had known it dissolved around him. Who was to blame for the break-up of The Beatles? Not Yoko Ono, that's for sure. (The Beatle women are not the heavy-hitters in this account). Taylor states that he brought in Allen Klein as management consideration, and that's really when everything went downhill. The memoir turns into an analytical account of what Taylor truly thought about his own role with The Beatles and profession(In other words, some heavy stuff).

But Taylor, was not one to hold grudges and this is obvious, despite some of his misgivings. He had no regrets about joining Apple in the first place. Paul McCartney's criticisms of him during the 1960s are accepted for better or worse, possibly mulled over whilst under-the-influence. Drugs are discussed as casually as putting on one's tie in the morning. This is a major part of what made Derek tick, surrounded by like-minded people who only wanted to hold on to positive experiences. As long as you don't get busted by the cops or deal with Paul McCartney at work, everything should be just fine.

It's very hard to argue that Taylor's writing talents weren't organic from the bulk of content in this first autobiography that left room for a follow-up. Believe me when I tell you this is essential reading.

As Time Goes By, Derek Taylor- 2018 reissue(Faber & Faber) paperback with new introduction by Jon Savage, is out on 5th April 2018.

Not Saying Anything To Paul McCartney would like to thank Faber Social(for the book, not the sticky paper tags!)



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ES-Say #110

About Time! My 1st Visit To The Cavern Club(& 3rd Holiday In Liverpool)
Mathew Street, world famous location of The Cavern Club, where The Beatles played 292 times. 

This is my third ES-Say about my trip to Liverpool during George Harrison's 75th Birthday weekend. By the time Sunday, 25th February 2018, George's Birthday came around, I was pretty much "all Georged Out."(having spent the previous day on an enjoyable George-themed 8-hour Coach Tour). 

The final day of my time in Liverpool, I was planning to take a train to Manchester, and attend a record show, but I changed my mind and decided to stay local in Liverpool on foot. My previous experience of nearly fainting in Manchester, two nights previously after attending the Pure McCartney Tribute, convinced me to take it easy. I pulled out the three free tourist maps I had sitting in my hotel room and roughly planned the day. Sunday morning seemed like a good opportunity to find Beatles merchandise around the local shops and going to Mathew Street, first, made sense to me.
Spot The Paul- I spent a lot of time taking photos of building art featuring Paul McCartney

I brought a few plastic bags with me, expecting to make out like a bandit, despite having no clue what memorabilia I wanted to purchase on Mathew Street. I get to The Cavern Quarter and there it was...
From a safe distance away-I'll admit it, I was not going to go inside for the 3rd opportunity to visit the popular music venue. Like a spell was going to break or something...who knows?

The Cavern Club, being one of Liverpool's top attractions, I felt like I should at least pop into the doorway, and that lead to a few flights of stairs heading downward(who knows why I assumed it was street level?). I don't know how other fans feel about this version of The Cavern Club but I found it to be a good homage to the times The Beatles and other popular acts of the day played there. Long story short, it felt more touristy than I expected but turned out to be very welcoming. By the time I got to see the layout of the club, it felt bigger than the original club (the one knocked down in the 70s,). There are plenty of booths to sit at, surrounded by various rock memorabilia from The Cavern presented in glass cases. (I remember that they had a case just to commemorate Wings which was nice). Then, of course, the replica of the famous Cavern stage-
A long shot of the view to the Cavern stage(booths are located through the archways both left and right)

I did take some photos of the stage and it does have that familiar feeling of not looking very wide or deep. The floor space can clearly hold many people with a narrowed view of the stage and it's easy to imagine how teenagers of the early 60s could feel cramped in with large crowds in attendance. Walking through further into an archway to the right, the bar could be seen on the right from the back of the room. Opposite the bar was an extension leading to another room that was to hold the 2nd Annual(and Sold Out) Cavern Ukulele Festival Celebrating George's Birthday that afternoon. I didn't get far enough to see the room because there was several glass displays leading up to it with items for sale. I bought a logo coffee mug and a shot glass before leaving to look for more tourist places to visit.

Something that I hadn't noticed back on street level caught my eye as I walked past the area set aside to inform where the original entrance to the Cavern had once been located. It is called Cavern Walks and it's a small shopping centre right next door. I could count on half my hand how many places were actually open, but I can't say that during peak times this little gem would have been busy at all. I had previously thought that looking outside from Mathew Street, next to the Cilla Black statue and the original entrance spot, that's all you would get to see of The Cavern prior to 1973. Nope, inside Cavern Walks was a big treat to see this plaque-
                                  Get this printed on a T-shirt and i'll happily buy one! 

This "Lucy In The Sky" from as far as I could tell, was formerly a pub of some sort. It was hard to tell because it looked like the owners had packed it in a long while ago and not much could be recognised to be in active operation(aka business was shut down with some left behind furnishings). I can't lie and say "oh yeah, that makes perfect sense-The Cavern Stage was here!" but I was impressed to say the very least! And then there was Cavern Walks Beatles Statue-
 Yep, It's another Paul McCartney's statue, some of the other statues of Paul in Liverpool actually look like him.

But, I think the recognition to the Beatles,overall, in Cavern Walks are pretty interesting and well worth seeing. It seems to have potential as a tourist attraction despite feeling empty and hidden away.

My next stop was to The Beatle Shop on 31 Mathew Street. I hadn't visited the tourist shop before as the last time it was closed. This time I was happy to go down the flight of stairs leading down to the store. They happened to have a couple of large photo collages of The Beatles with vintage newspapers(not for sale, but impressive!). I was pleasantly surprised that it wasn't your standard merchandise. Wait, I'll be honest. I can't give a good description of all the items for sale because I happened the lottery in this place. They were selling at least 20 year old local newspapers and English magazines. I wound up leaving with headlines about Paul getting knighted and another Broad Street magazine from 1984.

....I also bought my very first George Harrison CD there, Dark Horse, and I still have yet to listen to it. But anyway...

I wanted to return to the scene of the crime at A Case History(see ES-Say 109) where the George Harrison plaque had disappeared the day before. But, to find this area, located nearby Liverpool Institute, I was going to walk there and also make an attempt to find another interesting point of interest.
The Bombed Out Church that caught my eye on the tour bus. I can't believe I hadn't heard of it previously, but I definitely had to see this for myself. It was very intriguing to view and photograph. Pity that it was two days before the big snow storm predicted and I was FOOKIN FREEZING MY TAIL OFF. I would have stayed longer and I continued on to A Case History.

I didn't see many people around the statues honouring Liverpool's famous names, probably due to the cold weather. I decided I wanted to photograph my Dark Horse CD Booklet that I just bought next to George's guitar case sculpture(both the flowers and plaque were now gone). Maybe my glasses were freezing to my face but I made the snap decision to leave the Booklet at the spot and slipped away. (So, now I own 50% of a CD copy of Dark Horse. Had this been a Paul McCartney CD I would have never exposed it to outside air.)

I'm not making this up, but two minutes later, The Magical Mystery Tour Bus pulled up in front of the George spot while I was heading down the street to the Liverpool Institute. It stopped for a couple minutes as they were obviously on a tour, but I think I saw two people get off and leave the bus. I don't why I find this funny. I think the cold really did start to eat my brain but previously it had looked like George fans had stayed indoors and I was an early visitor for his birthday. I did not expect the tourist bus to show up at 11am on a Sunday but it really shouldn't have surprised me.

                             Another example of  "Spot The Paul" found on Matthew Street

The remainder of my Sunday in Liverpool involved Museums. The Tate Liverpool, Beatles Story, Museum of Liverpool. I recommend all of these museums but I cannot believe I walked like 88 steps to the top floor of the Museum of Liverpool and The Beatles gallery section Wondrous Place was closed! I stomped back down the 88 steps to ask why this was so, and I did not get a re-opening date.

Well, at least I found the Cavern Club to be better than I had imagined. I would like to go back there in the future with the goal to buy another Beatles coffee mug that I cannot find anywhere else.

Forget the experience of seeing an actual band play there, I want another coffee mug!

Liverpool, it's what you make of it!

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Tuesday, February 27, 2018

ES-Say #109

Liverpool Adventures-Our Sweet George On His 75th Birthday (Part 2)
The front of the tour bus for George Harrison Day

In ES-Say #108, I mentioned how I had come to Liverpool to learn more about George Harrison. He is known to have two birthdays and because I'm lazy I can't really remember why both the 24th AND 25th of February 1943, are said to be when his birthday is celebrated.

On the 24th of February, this past Saturday, I had at least 8+ hours to find out when George's actual birthday was and I didn't think to ask. It was a memorable day out on tour of the city of Liverpool and the surrounding areas. I thought about how I could explain my tour experience best and what I thought to do was list the majority of location Stops along the way, where I learned more information about George's birthplace. We also did fun location photo challenges to recreate famous George Harrison pictures. I got to pose as Peter Harrison, George's older brother, at the wall outside 12 Arnold Grove. (It was a bit of a stretch pretending to be a young boy in the 1940s but I think I did a suitable representation as a grown woman.)
I bought this bracelet at one of my favourite places- The Penny Lane Development Trust 

BUS STOPS(not necessarily 100% everywhere, but the places I jotted down. Some other locations were seen from the bus)

Stop 1-The Pier Head Beatle Statues, to place a Flower on the Lapel of George & Photo Challenge.

Stop 2-A Case History and The Liverpool Institute. Brand new plaque was placed on the area of a stone suitcase sculpture which was missing the formerly designated plaque for George. It was a moving moment that became short-lived because the new plaque containing an engraving of George's signature got stolen by the evening.

Stop 3- Sefton Park, Palm House. No less than five photo challenges were done including Tulip homages to Mad Day Out railing London photo and the LP cover of All Things Must Pass(long-haired wig and garden gnomes provided).
The Palm House  in Sefton Park had good railings to stand next to for a Mad Day Out pose

Stop 4- Dovedale School

Stop 5- Penny Lane Development Trust. We met Drummer Colin Hanton of The Quarrymen.

Stop 6- 12 Arnold Grove, Birthplace of George Harrison, Private Residence. My photo challenge of the childhood picture.

Stop 7- Vegetarian Curry Lunch-Yay!, Pub at Childwall Abbey Road, Three Cool Cats photo challenge(if I'm not mistaken)
Stop 8- 25 Upton Green, Speke, Childhood Home from 1949, Private Residence, We had a sing-a-long and a cake was cut...I can say no more...

Stop 9-Hunt's Cross Butcher Shop, a place where George worked briefly

Stop 10- I have no idea because I have it down for "Entering Speke" which makes no sense(see stop 8).
A Night View of West Derby Community Association at Lowlands(It's huge, lovely and a bit spooky!)
Stop 11- We went to Lowlands on a Private Tour to see the former Pillar Club. I absolutely loved it!  Unless you want to have a wedding there, it is not something you can easily book. We learned that The Beatles played and practiced there, being a one of the venues that was a favourite of George's. (In fact, there are many places that hosted The Beatles besides The Cavern Club or The Casbah Club, but these two well-known spots are the easiest to visit).

Stop 12-back to the city of Liverpool, The End

The End

Well, this ES-Say has flew by, and Not Saying Anything To Paul McCartney would like to remind you that we will come up with ES-Say #110 all about Sunday 25th February. 2018..eventually..(I swear to mention more about Paul in it.)

Stay Tuned for why I didn't go to Manchester, Tales from my first visit to the Cavern Club, Spot The Paul, and find out why I bought an old George Harrison CD and left part of it in Liverpool*  

Don't forget to check out part one ES-Say #108

*I still don't own a complete George Harrison LP for some reason





ES-Say #108

Liverpool Adventures-Our Sweet George On His 75th Birthday (Part 1)

Paul with George(wearing a Birthday flower) at The Pier Head, Liverpool 24-2-18

This past weekend was significant in Beatles history as it was George Harrison's 75th Birthday. What better way to celebrate and learn something about Harrison than going to Liverpool for the weekend? (That was my idea as a Paul McCartney fan, admittedly, my Harrison solo knowledge is rather crummy). I found out many things about George in his birthplace of Liverpool, including that I don't know enough lyrics to sing "Something" or "I Me Mine." Sad but true!

I arrived at Liverpool Lime Street Rail Station on Friday, checked into my hotel and proceeded to prepare to go to Manchester. In fact, I had planned to go to Manchester on both Friday and Sunday. As on Saturday, I was set to attend A George Harrison Day Celebration Tour , I wanted to do a "Paul" activity on Friday. Last time I was in Liverpool, I missed seeing Pure McCartney play at the Cavern Club during Paul's 75th birthday in 2017. This time they planned a date at a club called "Night People" and were providing a coach bus to and from the venue leaving from A Hard Day's Night Hotel. All I had to do was sit back and relax....

Associated with The Cavern Club, Magical Mystery Tour Bus was on time, I sat down for a few minutes of silence until the speaker system started loudly playing solo Paul hits. Not much of a problem there. There was a man sitting behind me who started singing along. Right On! But, then, he never stopped.

For an hour and twenty minutes of the majority of the ride, I was starting to loathe off- key versions of "Flowers In The Dirt" ballads.  By the time I decided it might be my time to chime in during the start of "Ou Est Le Soleil" the music was lowered quickly (Was I that bad!?), as we had arrived at the Manchester club, Night People.
                            Toliet Break! Poster found in hanging in the Ladies Room
I enjoyed myself very much that evening. The club was laid out well and it was easy to view the stage. The band was a combination of two separate acts, Tony Coburn and McDonald's Farm. Together, the group played fabulously. I mean, there was no way that everyone was not going to enjoy themselves. Seriously, it was an instant party! Two of the members even resembled Paul, what's not to love?

Nearing the end of the show at 11:30, I had felt a bit queasy and stepped out a minute for air, came back and the band was pumping out "Kansas City." The performance could have continued all night at the height of energy in the room but Sgt Pepper told us "It's time to go!" I went back outside to join the bus and stood outside to wait for about two minutes and my mouth became dry. I went to sit on the club entrance steps and asked the Bouncer for some water. Quickly, the Bouncer returned as I explained that I felt faint. Now, I know what your thinking, but I hadn't had a drop of anything but water and soda the entire night.

The bouncer was so great, he wanted to take me to a pop-up A&E, which he did, despite my delirious insistence that I had to get back on the MMT Bus. (I actually worried that I would make people angry who were wanting to get back to Liverpool on time). Honestly, I had held up no one as other people had arrived after I returned to the bus after five minutes. "What's that hat your carrying?" said a woman who was sitting with her partner. I had to laugh as I explained I really wasn't feeling so great and hopefully would not have to use the cardboard sick bucket anytime soon.
When I got back to the hotel, I went to sleep and felt fine to get ready for the next tour bus on Saturday morning, with Blue Badge tour guide Jackie Spencer.

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