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ES-Say #83 ...But Seriously, Phil Collins Has A Problem With Paul McCartney!?!
                             In Happier Times- A Knebworth Festival 1990 Concert Laserdisc(above)

Friends, Foes, Forever-Balding-Short-Loveable-Pop-Stars, I address you with the absolute pleasure of having an ES-Say to write without any hesitation. As Phil Collins told The Sunday Times this week about his 14-year beef with Paul McCartney(read the republished comments here from The Telegraph), I laughed and I laughed, and I laughed some more.  Why is this? Well, it's possible that I too(either in 1998, or 2002) had a run-in with Phil Collins that was less than favourable. F-Paul? No, F-You Phil Collins. F-You and your low-brow attempt to sell an autobiography. You didn't need Paul McCartney's help, your Phil F"!£$% Collins! For the love of G-D, I need to get this off my chest!

Let's be objectionable and fair about this recent press story. Q. Why did Collins tell this story now? A. To get some attention. Why? A New Book, Remastered Albums, and a Tour after nearly a decade of  practical inactivity*. So, why not stir up an old school styled feud in 2016 in a newspaper, when most musicians would turn to Twitter.  Picture it this way-

PHIL COLLINS OFFICIAL TWITTER ACCOUNT- "@PaulMcCartney mocked me and didn't sign a book for me in 2002. Sad. #IMissedAgain

PAUL MCCARTNEY OFFICIAL TWITTER ACCOUNT-"@PhilCollins Oh Dear, Our Phil is Angry? News To Me! #ThumpsUp

Honestly, I don't think Paul McCartney was bothered by this "situation," probably to the extent of not remembering the encounter. It sounds a bit weird anyway- Why would you be a fellow performer asking another performer for an autograph during a televised event(with the example of The Queen's Jubilee)? I would imagine the scene is fast-paced and nobody has the time for much relaxed time. "Hey Paul, we're due on stage in two minutes, sign this book for me?" What was he(Collins) thinking?  He was thinking and acting like a fan, not a contemporary. Did he expect Paul to joke about the situation? Maybe Collins should have! It sounds like a joke to me! Just watch how chaotic this show was-

So what was my "Fan" situation with Phil Collins. As I am merely a fan of music, and was acting as a fan when I stood outside of Lincoln Center in NYC waiting for him before a concert. I must have waited about two hours and finally saw him get out of a car. There were about three fans waiting for him, Myself, A helpful Stranger(whom I had been hanging out with as he tipped me off to where to wait), and maybe two other fans(tops). I remember being underwhelmed- didn't get a photo or an autograph at the stage door from Phil Collins. Why? Because he looked angry and annoyed, entering the building. We were confused and then we realised something, England was playing in a World Cup game and at the time the Bald Dwarf showed up, they(England) were in the middle of, or lost to Brazil(?). Or at least this was the consolation story, we had went along with to justify why he couldn't give us the time of day. England lost, he's English, that must be it!

No, he chose not to pander to his fans- that was it. Hmm, sounds like Paul McCartney did the same damn thing. Had Phil Collins said "Hello" to Heather Mills, this celebrity grudge could have all been avoided, no? Yeah, I know Phil Collins was Beatles fan and an extra in "A Hard Days Night". But, I suspect that Collins giving an opinion that Paul McCartney is big headed is a bit too obvious. Some people genuinely feel this way. Some of them are John Lennon fans, it's a possibility Phil Collins is one of those John Lennon fans who have strong opinions about Paul's success. There I said it.

But is there any doubt that a portion of the public feel like what Phil said, Lennon fan or not? Collins said  "I’ve got to preface this by saying McCartney was one of my heroes," to the Sunday Times. "But he has this thing when he’s talking to you, where he makes you feel: [putting on a condescending Scouse accent] ‘I know this must be hard for you, because I’m a Beatle. I’m Paul McCartney and it must be very hard for you to actually be holding a conversation with me."

That portion of the public, we'll call them "Fans." To think that a fellow musician thinks this about another musician is a bit petty to say the least. Does this mean that we shouldn't buy Collins book? No, I didn't allow my cat to pee all over my Phil Collins CDs when I didn't meet him(the cat did ruin some Genesis tapes). I kept them, I still have them. Musically, I still respect his work. I wish that Phil Collins respected Paul McCartney enough to keep his opinions to himself. He doesn't need the extra publicity.

He's Phil F!"£$ Collins. It would be nice if he remembered that for a minute.

*excluding 2010 Going Back covers album.

Sunday, October 2, 2016

ES-Say #82 A Hard Day's Night To Remember To Write A Film Review.

Ron Howard's new Beatles film opened two weeks ago. I saw the film on opening night. I even wrote a long blog entry describing the day I had, prior to watching the film, and my opinion about the live feed from the London premiere before the film was screened. However, I stopped short of reviewing the film because I felt burned out. Two days of writing an ongoing commentary of nearly missing the film to griping about Yoko Ono's age, went unpuplished. I haven't looked back at the work but I don't want to tack on a review to it. It felt like I should spend this ES-Say focusing on my opinions solely on the film. 

The Beatles- Eight Days A Week- The Touring Years(Apple Corps Ltd/Imagine Entertainment)

When you go to watch a movie about The Beatles, you expect a minimum of content discussing how the band was formed and about their breakup at the end of the 60s. Ron Howard decided the band's story should be told from an American perspective, sighting the changes happening in 60s culture and politics. The film is flashy in its pacing, and at times, headache enducing to the viewer, but it does a great job in conveying the rise and fall of Beatlemania. The viewer can conclude that by the end of the Candlestick Park concert, The Beatles understood the '64-'66 live- appearence ride was over. It was time to go back into the studio and hope to find a new chapter through music, rather than continuing to embrace an exhausting and hollow cartoon-celebrity route that would ultimately end the brillance of the group pre-maturely.

The movie doesn't adopt any method of storytelling for too long, which at time seems disjointed. While the modern day interviews shown with recollections from Paul and Ringo, and other personalities seemed brief, it was not without merit, especially from the contributions of Whoopi Goldberg and Dr Kitty Oliver. (Their comments are powerful and thought provoking, allowing the viewer to empathise with their experiences).

There was a combination of colour, and black and white concert footage and photos. The manipulation of colorizing some black and white film, or adding animation to still photos was nauseating. It would have been overlooked slightly had the performances not be cut(as there wasn't a lot of full performance clips show), or limited the use of altering still footage to look "alive with smoke" in a bid to have your full attention(classic photos don't need an "interpretation" to appreciate.) In fact, the photos that had been simply left alone to view were rare and unique to appreciate.

The theatrical run had promoted the Live At The Hollywood Bowl concerts as a highlight in the film promotion by releasing a new CD release of the material previously only available on vinyl. The movie, itself failed to present why those concerts were so significant in their frenzied touring. However, if it's not clear during the film that Shea Stadium is the main venue that explains the best, brightest, and strongest example of impact with The Beatles playing live in the sixties, Howard felt the need to tact an edited remaster version of the 1965 NYC show as bonus theatre-only content. And it was Amaaaazing; dare I say impossible to not to get sucked into to all of Paul's charm and forgive Howard for not making the film longer to begin with.

Release Shea Stadium, Apple- Release It Now!
NSATPM rates the film- 7 out of 10.

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Saturday, September 10, 2016

ES-Say #81  The (What's-It-Named) New Beatles Film-Released CD Soundtrack(also available in some type of "Cloud").
Peas Not In An Ipod- the physical CD copy of "Live At The Hollywood Bowl" and Record Collector October 2016.

In our last blog entry, it was discussed in ES-Say #80 (click here) the personal struggle to obtain a Beatles collector-cover issue of Mojo Magazine . The magazine issue turned out to be a disappointment to the coverage expected as publicity for the New Ron Howard Beatles Doc Film(out next week). However, this week, I am happy to discuss the release of Record Collector Magazine this month and the soundtrack(released 9th September 2016) for the film. 

There has been talk about this film through the grapevine for many months now. I only really got interested in the movie tie-in soundtrack of "Live At The Hollywood Bowl" when I saw the CD cover design. The reaction of many fans focused on the opinion of the design being underwhelming. Was this the best that Apple could do? Some even thought it was a temporary cover that would be changed after the release.

Well, sorry children, Apple did indeed slap together an album cover design. It's not the just-got-off-the-airplane-photo that bothers me. It was the placing of the title on the cover that confused me. At first glance, I didn't know what the title of this album was. It says "Live At The Hollywood Bowl" in white lettering at the top. That's the recording, but not the name of the film. The largest white lettering has "The Beatles" placed behind the band photo. No, that's too obvious to be the title but it could have been what the movie was called. The name of this Ron Howard film is actually printed on the cover. (Drum roll please). This movie is called "Eight Days A Week The Touring Years" which is located in green over blue background 2\4ths of the way down the front cover. In reality, the soundtrack album is the first time release of the 1977 "Live At The Hollywood Bowl" LP on CD.

When I got the CD copy from Amazon yesterday, Amazon UK made my day! Not only did I get an email telling me I was overcharged by £1 and refunded, but the advertisement sticker informed me of the correct name of this movie- "Eight Days A Week-The Touring Years"(That dash makes all the difference!). So, I've been calling the movie "The Beatles-The Touring Years". The new CD spine says "The Beatles-Live At The Hollywood Bowl" which is the actual '64\'65 recordings on the CD. So, why don't we "Let it be an end to end to it!" Like Paul's pal Ringo might say in their film "Help!"(1965). *

The release of the material included on the actual CD had also been mentioned a lot, prior to coming out. The vinyl 1977 recording has often been overlooked throughout the years for criticism of being a weak sounding audio recording of the two live performances. Even so, the George Martin produced release had basically been out-of-print with little regard for decades, floating around amongst the vintage vinyl market. I only remembered the original LP cover from my own digging through record bins, but never really noticed what it actually was. To have an official CD release nearly 40 years later is pretty overdue. Martin's son, Giles, 2016 Remix as Producer is welcomed on this recording and punched-up in sound quality. But, here there is so much one can improve on when you have the dominate sound of a hysterical audience screaming to tune down with hope that the secondary sound of The Beatles audio performance, will have the listener able to hear their music more clearly.
Could some bootlegs be better than this official recording? It depends on personal taste of listening to recordings, but to be fair, with the exception of the "live at the BBC" and live "Beatles Anthology" recordings, this is hopefully foreshadowing a future official release of Shea Stadium concerts from Apple.

A "Cloud" on the Amazon Music APP, also contained a full copy of the 2016 recording free for myself to instantly listen to on Friday, in addition to receiveing the actual CD at home. First song up- "Twist And Shout" from the 1965 show- "AND NnnnnnOW The Beatles!" Four seconds into hitting an on-screen play button and the announcer's voice is either naturally sounding nervous saying the word "Now" or the recording is warped. This memorable sound hiccup is forgotten, thankfully for the rest of the songs. On the Amazon "Cloud" because it is a streaming music service, the breaks between each song are interrupting and it is more distracting than the balance of The Beatles vs The Famous Audience Roar. Forgetting that storm "cloud" of breaking sound, on physical CD the concert is much more seemless to enjoy.  I have a few minor issues with some of the content(cut verbal intros and generally, the "beatle-ly" verbal intros did sometimes annoy me).

I did tend to appreciate the 1964 recordings more, the four bonus tracks were great to have tacked on. I want to tell you that out of the four Beatles, that Paul McCartney hit his vocals out of the park, but even though I have this Paul McCartney blog, with three listens to this new  "What-Ja-Mc-Call It?" CD, I give all my loving to George Harrison's lead vox on "Roll Over Beethoven" and "Everybody's Trying To Be My Baby" on this album as the highlights. (Sorry Paul...I still love you, not really on this occasion). There is a very good reason why The Beatles stopped touring and understanding these live dynamics that will be mentioned in the film are very significant to The Beatles story. (Another blog ES-Say is needed for the film).

Now, before I must stop writing to continue my life, I gotta tell you how much I enjoyed waking up to go to the supermarket and Record Collector was sitting on the shelf for me to gingerly place in my shopping trolley. I left a copy of the Daily Mail in my bag over the magazine as I walked home in the rain when a real "cloud" decided to let loose. At home, the newspaper got slightly wet but the magazine remained dry. A great addition to my magazine collection with content that hit the mark- A Giles Martin interview, a small review of the film, and a cover story which discusses Beatles recordings and updated First Pressings content from the "Rare Records Price Guide" 2018(? Maybe it was a typo, what happened to the 2017 edition?).

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                                  ES-Say #80 More MOJO Is Needed For Collecting!

Mojo October 2016- despite how it's advertised features one not two issue covers(not counting the cardboard cover sleeve!)

Has it been nearly three weeks since this blog has posted an ES-Say??? Do not worry, we're back with more extremely witty and mindboggling content to overlook our short absence! It's actually better to write something that merits an "ES-Say" so let's begin with MoJo's October magazine issue.

Last week, I was informed that Mojo would have a newsstand cover story featuring The Beatles. It is no surprise since the anticipated Ron Howard directed, Beatles Touring Years Biopic, comes out in September. There had to be some publicity tie-ins and magazines are popular choices to get the word out about a film. This issue of Mojo is a great example of how I bend over backwards for collecting certain magazines that I think I should have in an instant. I mean, check this out, it has AN OFFICIAL AD FOR THE HOLLYWOOD BOWL CD! Wouldn't you run out in your underwear to buy this???????? 

So, "Exhibitionism" isn't your thing* but back to the point of having to find this October issue. I made the mistake of not reading fully the information about obtaining the issue. All I saw was the words "collector's covers" and "posters". My brain flashed other words like "GET YO ASS TO TESCOS". On Saturday, my arse was indeed "in Tescos" staring at an empty magazine rack where MOJO should have been located. Normal procedure** would be to ask the staff to drag their own butts in the back and find the magazines they failed to place on a pedestal by the front doors for myself. Instead, I bought food and cried all the way home.

Upon returning home to throw my dairy -free butter in the fridge, I decided I must put toast on hold to run back out to other local shops. I then went to Sainsbury's and found an issue of Mojo with Bob Marley on the cover. "WHAT THE H%% IS THIS?!!?" I thought, and turned to run out of the store to the nearest bus stop. "I GOTTA GO TO THE F"£$% MAWL Now?(ED Note-Say it with my Brooklyn accent, go on..).

An hour and four stores later, I went home empty handed. I looked online and found out the magazine would be on the newsstand three days later. This was not the news I hoped to hear and decided to drop the whole operation***  On Tuesday, after leaving work, I remembered that I needed to find the magazine again and went to a local large newsstand. Unfortunately, they didn't carry Mojo, so I got on the train and travelled in the opposite direction I would normal use to go home. I went to a really big tourist attraction "Mawwwl" and knocked several people over at the WHSmith, whom were blocking my way to the rack holding the magazine of my dreams****

Maybe it was the relief that after six stores, I finally found the magazine, so I bought two copies. Yet the copies were identical and not two different front covers as I had expected. The one issue was contained in a cardboard sleeve that opened from the back(like a long business envelope). I would have to wait until I returned home to inspect further what I bought. I got back on the train platform in the middle of what was now Rush Hour, discovering I was about to be pushed on to a crowded train. Holding the two magazines in a plastic bag, I decided to slam it up against my chest to avoid damage. Some might agree this is the best protective method I could have chosen, despite also carrying a large Stella McCartney Adidas bag*****. Looking slightly ridiculous did prevent damage. I made it home in time to post this breakdown of the contents of the magazine-
About half the things I say in this video now seem rushed and without much detail that I would sludge over in a blog. I listened to the freebie CD "Return To The Star Club" which contains the original artists renditions of songs that The Beatles have covered. Some of the songs were quite welcome to hear(like songs by Ray Charles or Gene Vincent) but I was not prepared to sit through Billy Dee Williams doing a version of "A Taste Of Honey"(Thank You, Mr Colt 45, for ruining one of my favourite songs covered by The Beatles. Thanks A Lot!).

After burying the CD in the backyard, I was looking forward to reading the 20 page feature story. It contains an interview with Paul, Ringo, and Ron(Howard).The new interview boasted it was a rarity to find as it was actually conducted with both Paul and Ringo at the same time, but I wish, like that free CD, I could bury this interview also. The writer didn't really bother with including many Howard's quotes about the film. Also, it had to be implied that Paul could not sit still on the couch and phoned some of it in(Ringo is described in a more positive light for his ability to be alert during an interview). The actual interview can't be more than a page, but it was spread over two. To be fair, some of it was interesting about what happened when The Beatles decided to stop touring. I just think the interview lasted so quickly because it was done during the time of The Beatles Love anniversary in Las Vegas and MOJO could not secure the star's for as long as necessary for a full interview.

Maybe Ron, Paul, and Ringo(the cutesy writing trick used to get the attention of the Mojo reader) being interviewed together could have really been a moment in journalistic history, but it became a bit forgettable to read when Paul simply answers "Yeah" when asked a long drawn out question about self-discovery about being a prisoner of fame. Yeah...I think this is a bad attempt to print an interview without a lot of deep content. The movie will speak for itself, I imagine because this interview did nothing to sell it.

I still need to read the remaining 18 pages which contains such gems as a reprinted excerpt from Mark Lewisohn's "Tune In" book. I'm not saying that all of the content is more piecemeal reviews and interviews to fill up 20 pages, but there seems to be quite a lot.  I'm pretty bummed out with the laziness.

So, now I've got a 8x10 collector card of one of my favourite Beatles photo sessions. I guess this is what I will treasure, but I also didn't find out in advance that it wasn't the full size poster I had expected and nearly broke my neck to obtain. Let's try and be positive!
I really have been positive after I obtained these magazines after a big search on Tuesday. The very next day, I went on my lunch break to an express Co-Operative supermarket. After paying for lunch, I checked my receipt, looked up and saw a familiar Mop-Top on a magazine. "IT WAS HERE???? I DIDN'T EVEN BOTHER COMING HERE! THEY BARELY SELL NEWSPAPERS, IF AT ALL! WHAT IS EVEN ON THIS CARDBOARD BOOK STAND? A HARRY £$%^& POTTER BOOK IN FRONT OF IT! YOU'RE TELLING ME THEY STOCK MOJO NOW? THEY DON'T EVEN HAVE A PROPER MAGAZINE SECTION BUT THEY HAVE MOJO RIGHT BY THE FRONT DOWAH...ARE YOU FOR REAL?******

10 CC was right- The thing's we do for love....

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*Can't blame you as I don't care for that much about the Rolling Stones either(ED Note- really really bad joke that isn't funny, but at least we tried!)
** Yup, it's a complicated obsession(or hobby)
*** more like a wasted afternoon, to be honest.
****I touched no one, but I wanted to...
*****Product Placement(The Bag not the protective method)
******The Police were later called. The incident ended when the store offered to remove all copies within their location. The screaming woman was asked to leave without further incident and was happy to be told she made The Police Blotter in the local paper next week.

Saturday, August 6, 2016

ES-Say #79 Haven't we been down this Broad Street before?

On Friday, I had to endure the following conversation at work...
Co-worker #1- How's your record collecting going?
Me- Um, Ok I've just not been to a record show in awhile, so I'm buying stuff off eBay...
Co-worker #1- you collect 80s music, right?
Me- yeah, but I have my Beatles Collection and-
Co-worker #1(interrupting enthusiastically)- Ooh, what's your favourite Beatles song? Mine is "Hey Jude!" I always sing it for karaoke!
Co-worker #2- I like Martha!
Me(turning to co-worker #2)- Only because I sang 'Martha My Dear' to you yesterday. You told me you didn't know The Beatles!!!!
Me(turning back to co-worker #1)- I can't choose. I don't have a favorite song. I'm collecting magazines at the moment, have you ever heard of the movie Give My Regards To Broad Street?
Co-worker #1- No, what is-
Me- (interrupting)- I like collecting the promotional items from the film. It was considered a turkey film from 1984 but I really really...
Co-worker #1(getting up to leave)- sorry, never heard of it-
(End Scene).
Here is where I usually lose my audience, if I had been allowed to continue I would have revealed that I have been adding more GMRTBS(Ed Note: to save space with the film title, going forward) film items to my collection. For example, these issues of Film Review from December 1984 and January 1985.
I bought both of these off of eBay over the week. It is interesting that one issue(December 1984) devotes a cover story that turns out to be a short, two-page covering, advertised round-up which promotes the film. While, in the other issue(which sports an improved layout of the monthly magazine), it's a last ditched effort to get British movie goers into the cinema by featuring a fuller two-paged McCartney interview, a colour photo centre fold, and a small review of the soundtrack.
Film Review January 1985- Centre Fold To Promote that Film!

To sum up, it feels like the same magazine tried to give the film attention but it was clear that the film was ambitious in it's nature. McCartney wanted to have his own film focus on his visions with a few previous collaboration scripts rejected to hone in on an appealing plot. Maybe we should be happy the sci-fi film idea was scrapped(unless you count the space-themed Back To Egg album cover as an influence) but it looks like self-publishing a rushed script based on another band's lost master tapes misfortune was not suitable for the silver screen. It may have been better as a television special as originally considered, but even Paul admits his GMRTBS script had "faults" yet he was proud of what he had written as his first screenplay for film.

Film Review mentions in both issues that he returned to film since "Let It Be" fourteen years earlier. This is pointed out at the GMRTBS wikipedia page, leading me to think this is how MPL was promoting it, not counting Rockshow(1980). The fact that McCartney had returned to film after his Beatles days, admittedly is, a great promotional angle. I understand how that can seem interesting to the public to have them go into the theatres with building on the classics like "A Hard Day's Night" does seem intriguing. But the similarities that the Film Review articles attempt to highlight, such as "Magical Mystery Tour" was first panned before years later considered a good film, is a bit like setting up an audience for failure with the hope of future acclaim. Why would anyone want to waste money on a film that will eventually pay off to be a good film? Yeah, that really sounds ambitious and foolish at the same time. It might be one of the several significant reasons that the film was not a hit for 1984- insinuating it will take 30 years to fully appreciate.

Has that happened? Well, if I'm still talking about the film today, it must have some value to others(not my co-workers, sadly). I can't say I even heard of it until the mid-1990s and I have since become smitten with the film as possibly one of the best examples of music video excellence in the 1980s. Unfortunately, it was disguised as feature length movie, not aware that the "musical" aspects were of more value than forcing a musician to be presented as an "Actor".

It's most likely that "Not Saying Anything To Paul McCartney" will discuss Broad Street again. It still needs a huge Blu-ray re-release if it is to be fully appreciated. Maybe we can hold our breath until 2034 for the 50th Anniversary? Technology may move on to a virtual reality version and that would be well worth the wait! Exciting stuff! 

Sunday, July 24, 2016

                            ES-Say #78 45s, Magazines, and the 411 Round Up
                              Sticking With The Staples- 45s and Magazine Collecting

Surprise! Not Saying Anything To Paul McCartney(The Blog) hasn't been updated in two whole weeks! As it looks like that our only visitors have been sent here mistakenly from unknown websites(Ed Note: Ok, fine, it's Spam. I'd prefer it be from other Beatles websites, but we don't exactly have contacts that like us, oh well!), we have lost our main readers due to inactivity. But, it seems like we have to continue promoting each ES-Say individually. Miraculously, this strategy has been working and we appreciate all of our visitors even if they don't understand how they found this website in the first place. 

Well, since Maccameri's Mother is known to read these ES-Says, it's time to "crack on" as the English might say....Let's start with the news(The 411) and then we'll discuss the 45s and Magazines eating us out of house and home? Brilliant!

The 411
Beatles Magazine  had a contest related to the recent 10th Anniversary of Cirque Du Soleil's The Beatles Love show in Vegas. That's right, some various show merch was up for grabs, and we won. Actually, Maccameri's Mother, won due to her more convenient mailing address and we decided to give up our winnings(Ed Note: with the exception of the logo hat. I want the hat...)
              ...and I'll take the button...(Photo by JoJo LennonNotMcCartney)
As it is the show's 10th anniversary, the promise that Ringo and Paul would catch up with Yoko to celebrate this summer in Vegas did finally occur on July 14th. From the media coverage, the highlight of McCartney sneaking up behind Giles Martin on stage seemed to be the most memorable moment. (Even though this clip was all over Facebook last week, unfortunately I'm unable to find it now when I brought it up as being "the most memorable moment.")

However, since Paul and Ringo were in the same room together on that night,Closer magazine decided to release a story a few days ago which quoted Starr as saying "I would tour with Paul McCartney." Yet, this story doesn't confirm a tour, it just expresses an interest to reconnect with McCartney. This is all. McCartney hasn't responded but it would be expected he might say the same about wanting to tour with Ringo. That doesn't mean it's forthcoming or deservers the attention it seems to be getting. Paul and Ringo have collaborated on many projects together post-Beatles breakup and sometimes in the same room together. This seems to be an example of the type of modern stories that have big headlines yet little substantial meaning behind it. I think Bono wants to tour with McCartney also...

Both Paul and Ringo will be seen in new interviews in September as part of Ron Howard's new Beatles documentary film with the mismashed title "Eight Days A Week-The Touring Years" All I can comment about this is that the vision for the film switched from a "Touring Years" focus to some sort of 2016 version of The Beatles Anthology- Opie Style. I'm not even sure why "Live At The Hollywood Bowl" is attached to this project, yet it is welcome to have a new release from the tapes coming out on CD for the first time. I feel my disinterest in the movie seems to be in the tag line over the posters that say "The Band You Know. The Story You Don't" Really? Guess I haven't been paying attention in the last 35 years...@£&+ I just stubbed my toe on another Beatles biography...why do I leave these things lying around?!? Anyway, what's going to be the "big reveal" that this movie is going to drop? I mean, if it's going to shock me, it better not be anything about Paul moonlighting as a lifeguard, secretly studying a "How To Swim" manual in his spare time.*

My 45s and Magazine Collection(July 2016)
As McCartney has no plans at the moment to tour anywhere I can get over to in my country, I had to commence Paul\Beatle collecting in my home. I've come to conclusion to stick with focusing on picture sleeve 45s and various magazines. So, I've picked up some new vinyl and Magazines, such as the August 2016 Classic Rock Beatles cover(above). I am waiting for a Japanese Give My Regards To Broad Street program to ship to my house before doing the fist pump I was planning. No, seriously, due to storage at home and an interest in my hoarding these formats, I actually like my collection. I found a few magazines I refuse to part with here-

So, I realised that I've moved with, and have had the issue of Trouser Press in my collection since the 1990s. I seem to have an interest in the cover stories that feature Paul or The Beatles. As my overall collection needs to be organised, I'm never disappointed with the beautiful magazines I have managed to preserve.

I haven't really enjoyed trying to collect LPs, but I love holding on to 45s and the many countries that have issued pressings of singles. (Nobody has asked, but the Goodnight Tonight 45s collection is now at 10 different international versions!). It really makes the most sense to focus on the best bits of my collection, though I'm not able to stop Scrapbooking newspaper articles. I need to work on getting everything in good order, yet spring cleaning ended months ago.

This story is ongoing, I hope to have some type of better storage and cataloguing soon.

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*The Foot, our official blog nemesis thought of this...partly. We can't give someone that hates Paul McCartney, and sings "Band On The Run" poorly, too much credit now can we?

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                                  ES-Say #77 Pure McCartney- Formats To SMH* At
                       SHM-CD Edition of Pure McCartney(2-CD, photo:

One month ago, on June 10, Pure McCartney was released and the main decision to make was to own the greatest hits CDs in 2-CD or 4-CD edition. I mean, that was my own conundrum. If I had money to burn, I would have considered the £69.99 vinyl format. Also, If desired, I could try and acquire import CDs of the album, yet I am unaware of any bonus tracks released. (For example, when "New"(2013) was released in Japan exclusive with the song "Struggle" as the bonus track.) In fact, it is expected that Japanese releases will trump over most other music markets with popular releases. This is why I'm not so surprised that Pure McCartney is exclusively out in Japan on SHM-CD(both 2 and 4 CD versions).

SHM-CD?!? What the heck is that? Yes, I worked in music retail, shelving Japanese imports all the time, and I don't remember them. But, I can be excused for this dumbness as Universal\JVC created this format in 2007ish, a Super High Material CD, when I had moved on to non-music related employment. If this was a Sony Mini-Disc format, which had its most popularity in Japan, maybe I would have a point of reference, but the SHM-CD seems to be more hype than a mainstream format. The public seems to dislike this polycarbonate material, capable of "better sound quality" which is compatible with any type of CD player.

I wanted to break the news of the Amazon import prices of the two versions of the Pure McCartney SHM-CD format as only I can- Are you F@##£%en kidding me? £88.49 and £44.36! Combine this with the £69.99 Vinyl and I got a great seat for McCartney's next O2 show, sitting on his damn lap!

But, keeping in mind that £202.84 will not be enough to be nose-to-nose with McCartney, the additional formats are the least attractive options for the "average fan". It's to McCartney credit that the standard editions have been set at reasonable prices with Wingspan(2001) and now, Pure McCartney(2016) reflecting modest prices for multiple CD sets. It's just when you get into "super limited edition," Vinyl, and SHM-CD territories that it's apparent MPL has less control over record industry market costs.
I'm sure you all bought the December 2014 SHM-CDs for the Beatles Catalogue?

It is clear that when one walks into HMV these days, they may turn back out when seeing the vinyl records for sale. I was at the Oxford Street location and really felt uncomfortable looking at newly issued classic and new releases filling up a reasonable chunk of all media sales. At £17.99-£21.99 per album it's understandable that the store is not restocking these shelves. HMV vinyl and record player sales can only be explained as targeted to hipster doofus dads. (I wish I could include the hipster doofus moms, but apparently HMV record players were discounted for "Father's Day" this summer).

Now, I could only easily find Pure McCartney 2-CD set for £9.99 throughout the store, but if I wanted to order(could find a copy) the vinyl I could, no doubt higher than the Amazon UK cost. It's obvious that vinyl plastic sleeves, priced at 99p each, are not going to attract a lot of attention for HMV. Vinyl as a returning mainstream format is simply not there yet, which is reflected by the prices, and if I'm going to stray away from CDs, all alternative formats have to get their competitive edge together.

*Smack My Head, text speak. See what I did with mixing up the letters in SHM. Genius!

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