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ES-Say #110

About Time! My 1st Visit To The Cavern Club(& 3rd Holiday In Liverpool)
Mathew Street, world famous location of The Cavern Club, where The Beatles played 292 times. 

This is my third ES-Say about my trip to Liverpool during George Harrison's 75th Birthday weekend. By the time Sunday, 25th February 2018, George's Birthday came around, I was pretty much "all Georged Out."(having spent the previous day on an enjoyable George-themed 8-hour Coach Tour). 

The final day of my time in Liverpool, I was planning to take a train to Manchester, and attend a record show, but I changed my mind and decided to stay local in Liverpool on foot. My previous experience of nearly fainting in Manchester, two nights previously after attending the Pure McCartney Tribute, convinced me to take it easy. I pulled out the three free tourist maps I had sitting in my hotel room and roughly planned the day. Sunday morning seemed like a good opportunity to find Beatles merchandise around the local shops and going to Mathew Street, first, made sense to me.
Spot The Paul- I spent a lot of time taking photos of building art featuring Paul McCartney

I brought a few plastic bags with me, expecting to make out like a bandit, despite having no clue what memorabilia I wanted to purchase on Mathew Street. I get to The Cavern Quarter and there it was...
From a safe distance away-I'll admit it, I was not going to go inside for the 3rd opportunity to visit the popular music venue. Like a spell was going to break or something...who knows?

The Cavern Club, being one of Liverpool's top attractions, I felt like I should at least pop into the doorway, and that lead to a few flights of stairs heading downward(who knows why I assumed it was street level?). I don't know how other fans feel about this version of The Cavern Club but I found it to be a good homage to the times The Beatles and other popular acts of the day played there. Long story short, it felt more touristy than I expected but turned out to be very welcoming. By the time I got to see the layout of the club, it felt bigger than the original club (the one knocked down in the 70s,). There are plenty of booths to sit at, surrounded by various rock memorabilia from The Cavern presented in glass cases. (I remember that they had a case just to commemorate Wings which was nice). Then, of course, the replica of the famous Cavern stage-
A long shot of the view to the Cavern stage(booths are located through the archways both left and right)

I did take some photos of the stage and it does have that familiar feeling of not looking very wide or deep. The floor space can clearly hold many people with a narrowed view of the stage and it's easy to imagine how teenagers of the early 60s could feel cramped in with large crowds in attendance. Walking through further into an archway to the right, the bar could be seen on the right from the back of the room. Opposite the bar was an extension leading to another room that was to hold the 2nd Annual(and Sold Out) Cavern Ukulele Festival Celebrating George's Birthday that afternoon. I didn't get far enough to see the room because there was several glass displays leading up to it with items for sale. I bought a logo coffee mug and a shot glass before leaving to look for more tourist places to visit.

Something that I hadn't noticed back on street level caught my eye as I walked past the area set aside to inform where the original entrance to the Cavern had once been located. It is called Cavern Walks and it's a small shopping centre right next door. I could count on half my hand how many places were actually open, but I can't say that during peak times this little gem would have been busy at all. I had previously thought that looking outside from Mathew Street, next to the Cilla Black statue and the original entrance spot, that's all you would get to see of The Cavern prior to 1973. Nope, inside Cavern Walks was a big treat to see this plaque-
                                  Get this printed on a T-shirt and i'll happily buy one! 

This "Lucy In The Sky" from as far as I could tell, was formerly a pub of some sort. It was hard to tell because it looked like the owners had packed it in a long while ago and not much could be recognised to be in active operation(aka business was shut down with some left behind furnishings). I can't lie and say "oh yeah, that makes perfect sense-The Cavern Stage was here!" but I was impressed to say the very least! And then there was Cavern Walks Beatles Statue-
 Yep, It's another Paul McCartney's statue, some of the other statues of Paul in Liverpool actually look like him.

But, I think the recognition to the Beatles,overall, in Cavern Walks are pretty interesting and well worth seeing. It seems to have potential as a tourist attraction despite feeling empty and hidden away.

My next stop was to The Beatle Shop on 31 Mathew Street. I hadn't visited the tourist shop before as the last time it was closed. This time I was happy to go down the flight of stairs leading down to the store. They happened to have a couple of large photo collages of The Beatles with vintage newspapers(not for sale, but impressive!). I was pleasantly surprised that it wasn't your standard merchandise. Wait, I'll be honest. I can't give a good description of all the items for sale because I happened the lottery in this place. They were selling at least 20 year old local newspapers and English magazines. I wound up leaving with headlines about Paul getting knighted and another Broad Street magazine from 1984.

....I also bought my very first George Harrison CD there, Dark Horse, and I still have yet to listen to it. But anyway...

I wanted to return to the scene of the crime at A Case History(see ES-Say 109) where the George Harrison plaque had disappeared the day before. But, to find this area, located nearby Liverpool Institute, I was going to walk there and also make an attempt to find another interesting point of interest.
The Bombed Out Church that caught my eye on the tour bus. I can't believe I hadn't heard of it previously, but I definitely had to see this for myself. It was very intriguing to view and photograph. Pity that it was two days before the big snow storm predicted and I was FOOKIN FREEZING MY TAIL OFF. I would have stayed longer and I continued on to A Case History.

I didn't see many people around the statues honouring Liverpool's famous names, probably due to the cold weather. I decided I wanted to photograph my Dark Horse CD Booklet that I just bought next to George's guitar case sculpture(both the flowers and plaque were now gone). Maybe my glasses were freezing to my face but I made the snap decision to leave the Booklet at the spot and slipped away. (So, now I own 50% of a CD copy of Dark Horse. Had this been a Paul McCartney CD I would have never exposed it to outside air.)

I'm not making this up, but two minutes later, The Magical Mystery Tour Bus pulled up in front of the George spot while I was heading down the street to the Liverpool Institute. It stopped for a couple minutes as they were obviously on a tour, but I think I saw two people get off and leave the bus. I don't why I find this funny. I think the cold really did start to eat my brain but previously it had looked like George fans had stayed indoors and I was an early visitor for his birthday. I did not expect the tourist bus to show up at 11am on a Sunday but it really shouldn't have surprised me.

                             Another example of  "Spot The Paul" found on Matthew Street

The remainder of my Sunday in Liverpool involved Museums. The Tate Liverpool, Beatles Story, Museum of Liverpool. I recommend all of these museums but I cannot believe I walked like 88 steps to the top floor of the Museum of Liverpool and The Beatles gallery section Wondrous Place was closed! I stomped back down the 88 steps to ask why this was so, and I did not get a re-opening date.

Well, at least I found the Cavern Club to be better than I had imagined. I would like to go back there in the future with the goal to buy another Beatles coffee mug that I cannot find anywhere else.

Forget the experience of seeing an actual band play there, I want another coffee mug!

Liverpool, it's what you make of it!

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Tuesday, February 27, 2018

ES-Say #109

Liverpool Adventures-Our Sweet George On His 75th Birthday (Part 2)
The front of the tour bus for George Harrison Day

In ES-Say #108, I mentioned how I had come to Liverpool to learn more about George Harrison. He is known to have two birthdays and because I'm lazy I can't really remember why both the 24th AND 25th of February 1943, are said to be when his birthday is celebrated.

On the 24th of February, this past Saturday, I had at least 8+ hours to find out when George's actual birthday was and I didn't think to ask. It was a memorable day out on tour of the city of Liverpool and the surrounding areas. I thought about how I could explain my tour experience best and what I thought to do was list the majority of location Stops along the way, where I learned more information about George's birthplace. We also did fun location photo challenges to recreate famous George Harrison pictures. I got to pose as Peter Harrison, George's older brother, at the wall outside 12 Arnold Grove. (It was a bit of a stretch pretending to be a young boy in the 1940s but I think I did a suitable representation as a grown woman.)
I bought this bracelet at one of my favourite places- The Penny Lane Development Trust 

BUS STOPS(not necessarily 100% everywhere, but the places I jotted down. Some other locations were seen from the bus)

Stop 1-The Pier Head Beatle Statues, to place a Flower on the Lapel of George & Photo Challenge.

Stop 2-A Case History and The Liverpool Institute. Brand new plaque was placed on the area of a stone suitcase sculpture which was missing the formerly designated plaque for George. It was a moving moment that became short-lived because the new plaque containing an engraving of George's signature got stolen by the evening.

Stop 3- Sefton Park, Palm House. No less than five photo challenges were done including Tulip homages to Mad Day Out railing London photo and the LP cover of All Things Must Pass(long-haired wig and garden gnomes provided).
The Palm House  in Sefton Park had good railings to stand next to for a Mad Day Out pose

Stop 4- Dovedale School

Stop 5- Penny Lane Development Trust. We met Drummer Colin Hanton of The Quarrymen.

Stop 6- 12 Arnold Grove, Birthplace of George Harrison, Private Residence. My photo challenge of the childhood picture.

Stop 7- Vegetarian Curry Lunch-Yay!, Pub at Childwall Abbey Road, Three Cool Cats photo challenge(if I'm not mistaken)
Stop 8- 25 Upton Green, Speke, Childhood Home from 1949, Private Residence, We had a sing-a-long and a cake was cut...I can say no more...

Stop 9-Hunt's Cross Butcher Shop, a place where George worked briefly

Stop 10- I have no idea because I have it down for "Entering Speke" which makes no sense(see stop 8).
A Night View of West Derby Community Association at Lowlands(It's huge, lovely and a bit spooky!)
Stop 11- We went to Lowlands on a Private Tour to see the former Pillar Club. I absolutely loved it!  Unless you want to have a wedding there, it is not something you can easily book. We learned that The Beatles played and practiced there, being a one of the venues that was a favourite of George's. (In fact, there are many places that hosted The Beatles besides The Cavern Club or The Casbah Club, but these two well-known spots are the easiest to visit).

Stop 12-back to the city of Liverpool, The End

The End

Well, this ES-Say has flew by, and Not Saying Anything To Paul McCartney would like to remind you that we will come up with ES-Say #110 all about Sunday 25th February. 2018..eventually..(I swear to mention more about Paul in it.)

Stay Tuned for why I didn't go to Manchester, Tales from my first visit to the Cavern Club, Spot The Paul, and find out why I bought an old George Harrison CD and left part of it in Liverpool*  

Don't forget to check out part one ES-Say #108

*I still don't own a complete George Harrison LP for some reason





ES-Say #108

Liverpool Adventures-Our Sweet George On His 75th Birthday (Part 1)

Paul with George(wearing a Birthday flower) at The Pier Head, Liverpool 24-2-18

This past weekend was significant in Beatles history as it was George Harrison's 75th Birthday. What better way to celebrate and learn something about Harrison than going to Liverpool for the weekend? (That was my idea as a Paul McCartney fan, admittedly, my Harrison solo knowledge is rather crummy). I found out many things about George in his birthplace of Liverpool, including that I don't know enough lyrics to sing "Something" or "I Me Mine." Sad but true!

I arrived at Liverpool Lime Street Rail Station on Friday, checked into my hotel and proceeded to prepare to go to Manchester. In fact, I had planned to go to Manchester on both Friday and Sunday. As on Saturday, I was set to attend A George Harrison Day Celebration Tour , I wanted to do a "Paul" activity on Friday. Last time I was in Liverpool, I missed seeing Pure McCartney play at the Cavern Club during Paul's 75th birthday in 2017. This time they planned a date at a club called "Night People" and were providing a coach bus to and from the venue leaving from A Hard Day's Night Hotel. All I had to do was sit back and relax....

Associated with The Cavern Club, Magical Mystery Tour Bus was on time, I sat down for a few minutes of silence until the speaker system started loudly playing solo Paul hits. Not much of a problem there. There was a man sitting behind me who started singing along. Right On! But, then, he never stopped.

For an hour and twenty minutes of the majority of the ride, I was starting to loathe off- key versions of "Flowers In The Dirt" ballads.  By the time I decided it might be my time to chime in during the start of "Ou Est Le Soleil" the music was lowered quickly (Was I that bad!?), as we had arrived at the Manchester club, Night People.
                            Toliet Break! Poster found in hanging in the Ladies Room
I enjoyed myself very much that evening. The club was laid out well and it was easy to view the stage. The band was a combination of two separate acts, Tony Coburn and McDonald's Farm. Together, the group played fabulously. I mean, there was no way that everyone was not going to enjoy themselves. Seriously, it was an instant party! Two of the members even resembled Paul, what's not to love?

Nearing the end of the show at 11:30, I had felt a bit queasy and stepped out a minute for air, came back and the band was pumping out "Kansas City." The performance could have continued all night at the height of energy in the room but Sgt Pepper told us "It's time to go!" I went back outside to join the bus and stood outside to wait for about two minutes and my mouth became dry. I went to sit on the club entrance steps and asked the Bouncer for some water. Quickly, the Bouncer returned as I explained that I felt faint. Now, I know what your thinking, but I hadn't had a drop of anything but water and soda the entire night.

The bouncer was so great, he wanted to take me to a pop-up A&E, which he did, despite my delirious insistence that I had to get back on the MMT Bus. (I actually worried that I would make people angry who were wanting to get back to Liverpool on time). Honestly, I had held up no one as other people had arrived after I returned to the bus after five minutes. "What's that hat your carrying?" said a woman who was sitting with her partner. I had to laugh as I explained I really wasn't feeling so great and hopefully would not have to use the cardboard sick bucket anytime soon.
When I got back to the hotel, I went to sleep and felt fine to get ready for the next tour bus on Saturday morning, with Blue Badge tour guide Jackie Spencer.

Please see our next ES-Say #109 for Part Two:  Liverpool Adventures-Our Sweet George On His 75th Birthday (Part 2)


Monday, February 12, 2018

ES-Say #107

Come and Get it! Hollywood Vampires UK 2018 Tour Announcement
Paul McCartney during his Vampy collaboration with Johnny Depp, Alice Cooper, and Joe Perry

It was sometime back in late 2015, that a side project rock album by an all-star band put out their self-titled Hollywood Vampires album. I seem to vaguely remember being interested because I heard that Paul would be contributing to the project, but was not going to be one of the main artists to play on the majority of the songs. (There were other guest artists such as Paul, like Dave Grohl, for example.) The band was put together by actor Johnny Depp, Alice Cooper, and Aerosmith's Joe Perry. It is also important to note that the Hollywood Vampires originally wasn't a musical act, but a 1970s "Celebrity Drinking Club"(?!) formed in Los Angeles by Cooper. John Lennon was a notable member along with Ringo Starr and Keith Moon. (Basically, see Wikipedia page where I got the information from for further details).
Classic Rock Magazine November 2015 found somewhere in NSATPM's archives

The Vampires album features a bunch of classic rock song covers, but I'm going to pick out Badfinger's Come and Get it, written by Paul McCartney, which was newly recorded by Paul for the project. Previous, Paul sung live in 2011 from Italy, for example. The 2011 live version has Paul playing the tune out on the piano. The 2015 recording does features Paul singing, providing piano and bass, however, I can only describe this version as "heavier rock." I happen to like it stripped back a bit with emphasis on the piano playing ala Beatles Anthology 3 version, but the recorded 2015 version is enjoyable.

After some live appearances between 2015 and 2016(mostly on the US West Coast and a date in Brazil) from the Hollywood Vampires, no new dates had been announced until recently. Here is what I saved from The Evening Standard, The Metro, and Sunday Mail about the upcoming UK Tour.
There was supposed to be a presale on February 8th, but I had not been able to find any links to a presale and waited until the next day, the 9th, for the General Sale. I decided to buy a ticket for the London date because I'm gambling on the slight chance that one of the additional special guests could maybe be...uh, Dave not him..Paul McCartney!

But, let's get catapulted back to reality despite my 1/12 prediction it could happen among the four UK dates. Best to discuss the Advantages and Disadvantages of spending about $100 to attend this show.

Advantages: Paul McCartney WILL show up as a special guest, probably for the encores.
That will be the most obviously fulfilling advantage. Everything else is a rather minor positive despite getting a ticket in the first place and seeing Alice Cooper perform can be included.

Welcome To My needs to be numbered
1. Johnny Depp- he has a job as Captain Jack Sparrow. Continue to do acting! or just show up in another Paul McCartney video. Whatever happens first.

2. No offence to Joe Perry, but I can't usually picture him without Steven Tyler. Where is Steven Tyler? At least, he would keep me awake singing "Rag Doll" or any number of the vocals required in an Aerosmith song. Don't tell me Johnny Depp is going to sing.

3. The Damned and The Darkness. This is a hit or miss situation. Punk band The Damned had about a dozen members who are no longer members. from who's left, I only know who Captain Sensible is and I think the chance to hear his solo 80s hit "Wot" is about as strong as Paul McCartney attending the gig. The Darkness have a couple of hits, including a Christmas Song but all I can remember is the lead singer has a high-pitched falsetto which was their appeal back around 2005. I'm thinking of bringing a book or catching a nap until the "main act" is on.

4. Paul McCartney decides to show up to a different date, like Glasgow for example. I will tear my hair out for having the assumption he would do the London date. Or Paul doesn't show up for any of the shows. It would be much better to stop with all the promotion on the flyers that now say they will perform Beatle songs as well as other classic bands hits. If a "Beatle" is technically apart of the project please don't cover a Beatles song without him. In summery, this disadvantage was "No Paul"

5. Wembley Arena, where this show takes place on June 20th, is not one of my favourite venues because aside from it not being Wembley Stadium, it is a big trip to travel to by rail and then it's anyone's guess if I can get back at a decent hour when your banking on the encore to have a McCartney, at this point any McCartney, full well knowing the evening will become "Beat The Clock." No offense to Transport For London but sometimes the fun of taking several buses after midnight is not fun at all when the train could have been running.

6. Let's end it here with having another separate gig to attend with our blog's nemesis "The Foot" on the day before. Predictably, he didn't want to see Hollywood Vampires the next night. He likes The Damned more than I do, but because he didn't know who the Hollywood Vampires were, and of course I tried to sweeten the deal by mentioning who the main acts were, I'm pretty sure I heard a loud "NO" before I finished saying "Alice Cooper."

Imagine what would happen if I said "Johnny Depp"

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ES-Say #106

I Read The Fake News Today...Oh Paul!!

Back In The Spotlight: Paul and Family interview for Life Magazine(1969), which led to even more photographic "Death Clues" apparently being proof of his demise in 1966.

Fake News. What does that mean to you? I mean, I know that it's a YUGE topic recently. Aside from the modern assumption, that the press, (or just CNN and The Wall Street Journal,) lie outright to the public on a daily basis, "Fake News" can simply be incorrect information. I'm pretty sure most people understand that errors can be reported, and are usually corrected by the sources reporting them.

So, why have I brought this topic up? It was actually a rumour this past weekend that Paul McCartney would be touring the UK to promote his upcoming new album in 2018. It came from one website source and was shared on social media platforms(mostly Facebook, but the story got around). But, with all the fanfare-like writing about Paul returning to the UK, the actual purpose of the article could be found at the end. It was advertising a link to concert booking service which calculates the "likelihood"(their word) of an artist touring a city, and then when(or if) it happens, you pay them and they get your tickets. Got all that. Translation: Paul McCartney could likely be touring the UK...or anywhere else...ZZZZZZZZZZZZZ

Now, many fans didn't get to the bottom of this article being "Fake News." It was an advertisement for a Ticket Broker and nothing more. I could get into my way-back machine and explain old skool ticket brokers and my ill-faded trip to Madison Square Garden for Paul's Driving USA Concert in 2002, but I have to save that story. In 2018, we rely on quick access to news via social media and the internet and it is very easy to lose sight as what is false or misleading sources.

Paul McCartney didn't actually die in the 1960s* or in May of 2014(see ES-Say #15- Save Us Or Is It Spare Us ) or some other time(there have been other times). The rich history of The Beatles that caused the world to believe that Paul McCartney "died" sold a lot of Vinyl based on reporting through radio, print media, and television. A lot of journalism was quick to spread but was generally written as factual based to inform the public. And the media was happy, to inform, that Paul McCartney was alive and well when Paul McCartney got around to tell them.

Recently, social media and the internet want one thing- YOUR ATTENTION! How else can we understand this when it takes hours or days to confirm that Tom Petty and David Cassidy were still alive when reported deceased. How is click-bait still a thing and legit news sources report it as truth? Can we understand that Ringo Starr did not reveal in 2015 that Paul McCartney died in 1966 and was replaced? Or that Yoko Ono had a fling with Hillary Clinton?

Do you really want to see Paul McCartney, in 2018, along with his extended family, swimming and frolicking on an exotic beach? (Yeah, I do too but not enough to retweet and share, even the Daily Mail knows it's not news worthy to explain paparazzi photos in great detail on it's own so they say something like "Paul has finished his recent tour of...Stella just released a new perfume and look at Nancy's new yoga pants as she shows everyone she can catch a footb-I'm wrong, it's all BS about what they are wearing in great detail while walking and drinking cocktails.)

Other incorrect information about Paul McCartney or The Beatles can come Spam or Advertisements
Paul actually posed for this photo shoot with PETA
Have you seen another photoshopped version of this picture? Well, it's all over Facebook and will probably say something like "I LOVED JOHN LENNON" or "DON'T UNDERESTIMATE A BEATLE FAN BORN IN JANUARY 2018." It will be followed by a link to buy said-kind-of-shirt. You might get the shirt or you might get no shirt. All's I know is, that Paul McCartney did not approve those ads and I'm not going to click anything.

Finally, I get peeved when news stories get repeated with half-correct information. It is my understanding that McCartney recently settled a US lawsuit with Sony. This was interpreted by other websites and by many in the fan community that he finally, after years of trying to retain his copywrite ownership from Michael Jackson, that this legal matter was 100% over and Paul won back all the songs. That's not why McCartney sued Sony and his songs were not handed back to him six months ago.  Had this actually happened, I'm pretty sure Paul would have been fist pumping, Thumb UPping and releasing official statements.

If there is a UK tour, It will be posted officially on his website and many websites will be sending out related emails...some could even be "fake" messages...will we know the difference?

"I heard from a guy, who knows a guy, who knows another guy that sometimes is a Roadie in Tallahassee and Reykjavik for Pink Floyd that sometime in the Fall, or Spring, or Summer, Next Year"

Oh give it a rest!

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Sunday, December 17, 2017

ES-Say #105

This Holiday Doesn't Rule!(A Paul McCartney Christmas)

The latest Christmas-themed Paul McCartney song release(Holidays Rule V2, Capitol Records 2017)

Golf Digest, A Conde Nast-owned Golf Magazine, recently came out with an article bashing the 1979 version of "Wonderful Christmastime"
Here is the link-

(I dedicate ES-Say #105 to its author, Jeff Vrabel, with whom I do not agree with, despite his decent effort with cheap-shot humour. We all can gather he's a John Lennon fan who listens to "How Do You Sleep?" on repeat. Thanks For Rubbing It In, Mate!)

Here at Not Saying Anything To Paul McCartney, not only do we not make any money for writing entries in a blog, we also have been said to write "Stupid Articles"*  So, with that in mind, I can respond with just about anything and it won't make a difference(YAY!)

Mr Vrabel, was permitted to write about the music of Paul McCartney for "The Loop," a section of articles for Golf Digest about non-golf topics because he has written for Billboard. (Doesn't make a lot of sense, surely Golf Digest should stick to covering "Golf" or change it's name to Golf And More Digest).

Wonderful Christmastime. Written By Paul McCartney. A Classic Christmas Song. Period. Not the Worst Song Ever, if Golf Digest was to be taken seriously. Mr. Vrabel never heard the 1:27-minute cover of Wonderful Christmastime just released on the Holiday Rules, Vol. 2, 2017 album. If a bland singer like Jimmy Fallon is the lead vocalist, with The Roots on backing vocals(sounding like Rockapella), AND featuring Paul McCartney for a bar or two lasting 20 seconds, is an acceptable and better holiday song than the original, we must be living in another dimension.

Paul McCartney and The Tonight Show's Jimmy Fallon. Their working relationship is not working for me.(photo NBC).

I hadn't heard this cover version until hearing on it on Spotify today. I had asked for the Holiday Compilation CD for Christmas, after passing on the two different Record Store Black Friday 7" colour versions. Dodged a bullet with that one! I don't seem to agree with the idea that all my money has to go to any and all Paul McCartney records.

What has happened to my holiday spirit to enjoy, blissfully, A Paul McCartney Christmas? For the love of Christmas and Chanukah, I dance like a Muppet Show Character whenever, wherevever, I hear the 1979 single and the Jolly Cute B-side "Ruldolf The Red Nosed Reggae."

I've even been turned on to Pipes of Peace being Paul McCartney's best holiday song. So if we are keeping a list...and checking it twice...

NSATPM's Ranking of Paul McCartney Christmas Songs

1st Place- Pipes Of Peace (1983)   
2nd Place- Once Upon And Long Ago (1987)
3rd Place- Wonderful Christmastime (1979)
4th Place- Rudolph The Red Nosed Reggae (B-Side to 2nd Place)
5th Place- The Christmas Song- Chestnuts Roasting On An Open Fire(from Holidays Rule V1 and Kisses On The Bottom bonus track)
Tied with The Beatles Christmas Recordings despite never hearing them(yet)!

DNC(Did Not Chart): aforementioned brief Tonight Show rehashing of Wonderful Christmastime. (I cancelled the request for the Volume 2 and have a bigger interest in Holiday Rules, V1...oddly put out by Concord Music and MPL). Children, Capitol records promised Santa Clause(The "Paul McCartney")  top billing, for V2 and we got stuck with pants**(The "Jimmy Fallon").

Christmas songs can annoy people from time to time due to amount of times heard at the end of the year, but it doesn't necessarily equate to a bad song. I could sit here and negate all the points Jeff Vrabel made because it's fun and entertaining for me, but I don't get paid to do it. I think we can all agree that less time hearing Paul McCartney's voice on a song you expected to hear more of Paul McCartney on, is a big waste of time.

All of Us at Not Saying Anything To Paul McCartney (The Meredith, The Foot, The Paul McCartney, and The JoJo(The Lennon Fan on the 60s Beat), would like to wish all of our readers(including the ones who don't like me very much and can't comprehend that "Meredith" is also a girl's name***) a very Happy Holiday season 2017 and New Year! Don't forget to visit us in 2018 for more ES-Says at the blog and continue check out daily our Facebook group and Twitter account for all the latest news about Paul McCartney and The Beatles.

The Stars above:

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Sunday, December 3, 2017

ES-Say #104

A Dyeing Fad-When Coloured Vinyl Goes Wrong
My New Red and Yellow LP Copy of Wings' "Venus and Mars"(2017, Capitol)

Last week, when I received my limited edition colour vinyl(see above), it had been delayed by a week from the original November 18th, 2017 release day. On November 20th, the company I had ordered from said that they hadn't received stock from their supplier. The next day, it was changed to "a delay during the manufacturing process." In any event, I was past the point of caring when a "Sorry You Were Out" post office notice arrived in my mail box.

Coloured Vinyl. Yes, I moaned about this previously-ES-Say #101-but it seems like this is now a renewed industry fad. Supermarkets have returned to stocking vinyl in-store for about a few years now. How do you sell new pressing of old vinyl titles? Don't ask me, I don't work for a record company or a Tescos. But, I would guess, with the limited advertising space(ie. a single small display stand), it has to offer something appealing to sell. The music industry decided when you are picking up bread and milk, you'll also want a 30+ year old record (but only if it's updated aesthetically in a bright colour. Standard issue black vinyl is so 1980s).

Maybe we should be fortunate 2017 pressings aren't plexi-discs or triangle-shaped? Let's examine this 2017 coloured vinyl release of selected titles in The Paul McCartney Archive Collection(again, but on his recent switch to Universal Music Group). I'm avoiding the new standard issue vinyl or cds here(see ES-Say #101).

As a consumer and Beatles collector, I have to make buying decisions that meet my needs. With the coloured vinyl, at first, I didn't have much interest(I called it a "gag gift" in "piss-yellow"). But when I found out that the Venus and Mars LP would be dyed both half "piss yellow" AND half blood-red, this alone seemed to be unique or truly "limited edition." I didn't have any vinyl like this, so I spent the £29.99.

After the cock-up with the release day, I did something I wouldn't normally dream of doing when it finally arrived- I opened it.
But, wait, hold on...get out your magnifying glass....I'll give you a minute....

WHAT THE "£$% IS THAT? Yes, the red blood escaped from the left side of side 2 to mark through grooves between "Listen What The Man Said" and "Treat Her Gently-Lonely Old People." I then got a little more paranoid when I looked even closer...
It looks like the red side was unhappy with being delegated 50% of the disc and tried to take over the piss yellow side. It is noticeable like this(above, on both sides).  

Clearly Damaged. Why not return it? Simple solution? well...

I have decided to keep the vinyl. I'm experiencing my own fad, where I play vinyl that I buy rather than immediately filing it into storage(ie. not collecting). I have a low cost LP player and i'm slowly getting to grips with ruining the grading of vinyl just by physically pulling it out of the packaging. In a way, this damaged copy cannot get any worse by holding on to it, and despite the colour problems it doesn't skip because those lines aren't scratches. Plus, I completely knocked around the sleeve, pulling out all the inserts(posters and stickers) and even stuck the advertising sticker from the plastic to the actual cover, before noticing the obvious LP damage.

If I wanted to return it, I may have already lost the opportunity to do so in good faith. What I actually considered was this question- How many copies of the "Limited Edition" red/yellow was pressed? I figured if I spent all the hassle to return the vinyl, there would be no guarantee I could receive another available copy of the run. I mean, if it was a "delay in the manufacturing process" to begin with, I didn't expect to be quickly given a replacement. This is a whole bunch of assumptions but I have the feeling I would probably be offered a refund.

I still don't understand why coloured vinyl is continuing to be offered to customers. Even recently, the Christmas Rules V2.(Featuring Paul McCartney) album was released for Black Friday in two separate colours(one copy red, one copy green). The idea, that the colour version could be a rare issue doesn't seem to compare to other limited edition offerings with different remixes, cover sleeves, designs, etc. There is no way this is even on the same value level of Paul signing copies of Sweet Thrash remix labels on the 12" "Hope For The Future" release. 

If I was to advise anyone, I mean based on only on my own record collecting experiences(established sometime in the early 1990s), I would tell them to look beyond the shiny colours and words of "limited edition." Look for other qualities that would make a vinyl copy rare or desirable.
Maybe I don't own most of the recent special McCartney vinyl releases(especially those Hope For The Future records, believe me, I tried to look for it on Record Store Day and was disappointed to have no chance of getting retail price...), but I still have some unopened, presumably rare vinyl that might surpass an industry fad.
I bought this 45 in Austria, a few years after the release day...who knows what riches it will bring?!? Priceless!

This colour vinyl trend will eventually dye out, just like the "180g pressing" record advertising lines. At best, the prices will have to be cut down and that's exactly what's happening, but for now, I'm opting out of getting more recent coloured vinyl unless it comes with 3D glasses. 


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