Saturday, August 6, 2016

ES-Say #79 Haven't we been down this Broad Street before?

On Friday, I had to endure the following conversation at work...
Co-worker #1- How's your record collecting going?
Me- Um, Ok I've just not been to a record show in awhile, so I'm buying stuff off eBay...
Co-worker #1- you collect 80s music, right?
Me- yeah, but I have my Beatles Collection and-
Co-worker #1(interrupting enthusiastically)- Ooh, what's your favourite Beatles song? Mine is "Hey Jude!" I always sing it for karaoke!
Co-worker #2- I like Martha!
Me(turning to co-worker #2)- Only because I sang 'Martha My Dear' to you yesterday. You told me you didn't know The Beatles!!!!
Me(turning back to co-worker #1)- I can't choose. I don't have a favorite song. I'm collecting magazines at the moment, have you ever heard of the movie Give My Regards To Broad Street?
Co-worker #1- No, what is-
Me- (interrupting)- I like collecting the promotional items from the film. It was considered a turkey film from 1984 but I really really...
Co-worker #1(getting up to leave)- sorry, never heard of it-
(End Scene).
Here is where I usually lose my audience, if I had been allowed to continue I would have revealed that I have been adding more GMRTBS(Ed Note: to save space with the film title, going forward) film items to my collection. For example, these issues of Film Review from December 1984 and January 1985.
I bought both of these off of eBay over the week. It is interesting that one issue(December 1984) devotes a cover story that turns out to be a short, two-page covering, advertised round-up which promotes the film. While, in the other issue(which sports an improved layout of the monthly magazine), it's a last ditched effort to get British movie goers into the cinema by featuring a fuller two-paged McCartney interview, a colour photo centre fold, and a small review of the soundtrack.
Film Review January 1985- Centre Fold To Promote that Film!

To sum up, it feels like the same magazine tried to give the film attention but it was clear that the film was ambitious in it's nature. McCartney wanted to have his own film focus on his visions with a few previous collaboration scripts rejected to hone in on an appealing plot. Maybe we should be happy the sci-fi film idea was scrapped(unless you count the space-themed Back To Egg album cover as an influence) but it looks like self-publishing a rushed script based on another band's lost master tapes misfortune was not suitable for the silver screen. It may have been better as a television special as originally considered, but even Paul admits his GMRTBS script had "faults" yet he was proud of what he had written as his first screenplay for film.

Film Review mentions in both issues that he returned to film since "Let It Be" fourteen years earlier. This is pointed out at the GMRTBS wikipedia page, leading me to think this is how MPL was promoting it, not counting Rockshow(1980). The fact that McCartney had returned to film after his Beatles days, admittedly is, a great promotional angle. I understand how that can seem interesting to the public to have them go into the theatres with building on the classics like "A Hard Day's Night" does seem intriguing. But the similarities that the Film Review articles attempt to highlight, such as "Magical Mystery Tour" was first panned before years later considered a good film, is a bit like setting up an audience for failure with the hope of future acclaim. Why would anyone want to waste money on a film that will eventually pay off to be a good film? Yeah, that really sounds ambitious and foolish at the same time. It might be one of the several significant reasons that the film was not a hit for 1984- insinuating it will take 30 years to fully appreciate.

Has that happened? Well, if I'm still talking about the film today, it must have some value to others(not my co-workers, sadly). I can't say I even heard of it until the mid-1990s and I have since become smitten with the film as possibly one of the best examples of music video excellence in the 1980s. Unfortunately, it was disguised as feature length movie, not aware that the "musical" aspects were of more value than forcing a musician to be presented as an "Actor".

It's most likely that "Not Saying Anything To Paul McCartney" will discuss Broad Street again. It still needs a huge Blu-ray re-release if it is to be fully appreciated. Maybe we can hold our breath until 2034 for the 50th Anniversary? Technology may move on to a virtual reality version and that would be well worth the wait! Exciting stuff! 

Sunday, July 24, 2016

                            ES-Say #78 45s, Magazines, and the 411 Round Up
                              Sticking With The Staples- 45s and Magazine Collecting

Surprise! Not Saying Anything To Paul McCartney(The Blog) hasn't been updated in two whole weeks! As it looks like that our only visitors have been sent here mistakenly from unknown websites(Ed Note: Ok, fine, it's Spam. I'd prefer it be from other Beatles websites, but we don't exactly have contacts that like us, oh well!), we have lost our main readers due to inactivity. But, it seems like we have to continue promoting each ES-Say individually. Miraculously, this strategy has been working and we appreciate all of our visitors even if they don't understand how they found this website in the first place. 

Well, since Maccameri's Mother is known to read these ES-Says, it's time to "crack on" as the English might say....Let's start with the news(The 411) and then we'll discuss the 45s and Magazines eating us out of house and home? Brilliant!

The 411
Beatles Magazine  had a contest related to the recent 10th Anniversary of Cirque Du Soleil's The Beatles Love show in Vegas. That's right, some various show merch was up for grabs, and we won. Actually, Maccameri's Mother, won due to her more convenient mailing address and we decided to give up our winnings(Ed Note: with the exception of the logo hat. I want the hat...)
              ...and I'll take the button...(Photo by JoJo LennonNotMcCartney)
As it is the show's 10th anniversary, the promise that Ringo and Paul would catch up with Yoko to celebrate this summer in Vegas did finally occur on July 14th. From the media coverage, the highlight of McCartney sneaking up behind Giles Martin on stage seemed to be the most memorable moment. (Even though this clip was all over Facebook last week, unfortunately I'm unable to find it now when I brought it up as being "the most memorable moment.")

However, since Paul and Ringo were in the same room together on that night,Closer magazine decided to release a story a few days ago which quoted Starr as saying "I would tour with Paul McCartney." Yet, this story doesn't confirm a tour, it just expresses an interest to reconnect with McCartney. This is all. McCartney hasn't responded but it would be expected he might say the same about wanting to tour with Ringo. That doesn't mean it's forthcoming or deservers the attention it seems to be getting. Paul and Ringo have collaborated on many projects together post-Beatles breakup and sometimes in the same room together. This seems to be an example of the type of modern stories that have big headlines yet little substantial meaning behind it. I think Bono wants to tour with McCartney also...

Both Paul and Ringo will be seen in new interviews in September as part of Ron Howard's new Beatles documentary film with the mismashed title "Eight Days A Week-The Touring Years" All I can comment about this is that the vision for the film switched from a "Touring Years" focus to some sort of 2016 version of The Beatles Anthology- Opie Style. I'm not even sure why "Live At The Hollywood Bowl" is attached to this project, yet it is welcome to have a new release from the tapes coming out on CD for the first time. I feel my disinterest in the movie seems to be in the tag line over the posters that say "The Band You Know. The Story You Don't" Really? Guess I haven't been paying attention in the last 35 years...@£&+ I just stubbed my toe on another Beatles biography...why do I leave these things lying around?!? Anyway, what's going to be the "big reveal" that this movie is going to drop? I mean, if it's going to shock me, it better not be anything about Paul moonlighting as a lifeguard, secretly studying a "How To Swim" manual in his spare time.*

My 45s and Magazine Collection(July 2016)
As McCartney has no plans at the moment to tour anywhere I can get over to in my country, I had to commence Paul\Beatle collecting in my home. I've come to conclusion to stick with focusing on picture sleeve 45s and various magazines. So, I've picked up some new vinyl and Magazines, such as the August 2016 Classic Rock Beatles cover(above). I am waiting for a Japanese Give My Regards To Broad Street program to ship to my house before doing the fist pump I was planning. No, seriously, due to storage at home and an interest in my hoarding these formats, I actually like my collection. I found a few magazines I refuse to part with here-

So, I realised that I've moved with, and have had the issue of Trouser Press in my collection since the 1990s. I seem to have an interest in the cover stories that feature Paul or The Beatles. As my overall collection needs to be organised, I'm never disappointed with the beautiful magazines I have managed to preserve.

I haven't really enjoyed trying to collect LPs, but I love holding on to 45s and the many countries that have issued pressings of singles. (Nobody has asked, but the Goodnight Tonight 45s collection is now at 10 different international versions!). It really makes the most sense to focus on the best bits of my collection, though I'm not able to stop Scrapbooking newspaper articles. I need to work on getting everything in good order, yet spring cleaning ended months ago.

This story is ongoing, I hope to have some type of better storage and cataloguing soon.

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*The Foot, our official blog nemesis thought of this...partly. We can't give someone that hates Paul McCartney, and sings "Band On The Run" poorly, too much credit now can we?

Sunday, July 10, 2016

                                  ES-Say #77 Pure McCartney- Formats To SMH* At
                       SHM-CD Edition of Pure McCartney(2-CD, photo:

One month ago, on June 10, Pure McCartney was released and the main decision to make was to own the greatest hits CDs in 2-CD or 4-CD edition. I mean, that was my own conundrum. If I had money to burn, I would have considered the £69.99 vinyl format. Also, If desired, I could try and acquire import CDs of the album, yet I am unaware of any bonus tracks released. (For example, when "New"(2013) was released in Japan exclusive with the song "Struggle" as the bonus track.) In fact, it is expected that Japanese releases will trump over most other music markets with popular releases. This is why I'm not so surprised that Pure McCartney is exclusively out in Japan on SHM-CD(both 2 and 4 CD versions).

SHM-CD?!? What the heck is that? Yes, I worked in music retail, shelving Japanese imports all the time, and I don't remember them. But, I can be excused for this dumbness as Universal\JVC created this format in 2007ish, a Super High Material CD, when I had moved on to non-music related employment. If this was a Sony Mini-Disc format, which had its most popularity in Japan, maybe I would have a point of reference, but the SHM-CD seems to be more hype than a mainstream format. The public seems to dislike this polycarbonate material, capable of "better sound quality" which is compatible with any type of CD player.

I wanted to break the news of the Amazon import prices of the two versions of the Pure McCartney SHM-CD format as only I can- Are you F@##£%en kidding me? £88.49 and £44.36! Combine this with the £69.99 Vinyl and I got a great seat for McCartney's next O2 show, sitting on his damn lap!

But, keeping in mind that £202.84 will not be enough to be nose-to-nose with McCartney, the additional formats are the least attractive options for the "average fan". It's to McCartney credit that the standard editions have been set at reasonable prices with Wingspan(2001) and now, Pure McCartney(2016) reflecting modest prices for multiple CD sets. It's just when you get into "super limited edition," Vinyl, and SHM-CD territories that it's apparent MPL has less control over record industry market costs.
I'm sure you all bought the December 2014 SHM-CDs for the Beatles Catalogue?

It is clear that when one walks into HMV these days, they may turn back out when seeing the vinyl records for sale. I was at the Oxford Street location and really felt uncomfortable looking at newly issued classic and new releases filling up a reasonable chunk of all media sales. At £17.99-£21.99 per album it's understandable that the store is not restocking these shelves. HMV vinyl and record player sales can only be explained as targeted to hipster doofus dads. (I wish I could include the hipster doofus moms, but apparently HMV record players were discounted for "Father's Day" this summer).

Now, I could only easily find Pure McCartney 2-CD set for £9.99 throughout the store, but if I wanted to order(could find a copy) the vinyl I could, no doubt higher than the Amazon UK cost. It's obvious that vinyl plastic sleeves, priced at 99p each, are not going to attract a lot of attention for HMV. Vinyl as a returning mainstream format is simply not there yet, which is reflected by the prices, and if I'm going to stray away from CDs, all alternative formats have to get their competitive edge together.

*Smack My Head, text speak. See what I did with mixing up the letters in SHM. Genius!

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Saturday, July 2, 2016

                             ES-Say #76 McCartney And Brexit- EXPLAINED! (or not...)

                              Put Your Hand Down!-Too Late To Have A Vote Now, Paul

Not Saying Anything To Paul McCartney "The Blog" actually had one thing in common with "The Paul McCartney"* regarding the recent EU Referendum- being "Undecided" to be "In or Out." Yes, McCartney was asked in interviews** weeks ago about "Brexit," and was on the fence. Our blog? Unable to vote and undecided anyway. Post-EU Referendum? This blog is moaning about the divorce. However, it's now time to discuss how plummeting exchange rates might mean "The Paul McCartney" could decide to tour the UK.*** 

Fellow Americans****, this week you should consider taking trips to London, because your dollars now have a good exchange rate than ever before***** So, since it costs more for Paul McCartney to do the opposite, as in travelling to the USA on the Pound, as the Pound is sinking(Boom Boom)****** his future plans after the current 2016 Tour may keep him in the UK. If McCartney doesn't plan to tour the UK to save a few Bob, I got nothing else to really speculate about. 

Virgin mogul Richard Branson made an interesting argument, if I understood what he was babbling about prior to the vote. One of the things as a businessman he said he couldn't do prior to the EU being formed was "I couldn’t move my employees between Britain and Europe without visas..."6* 

Which Virgin employees this would have applied to, assumingly, were his record label stars 7*. Musicians touring the world have road crews to account for in travel. In modern times, McCartney's own road crews and staff that he travels with are OK to travel without visas within the EU 8*. After two years of sussing out a plan for the UK to leave the EU, 2018 maybe a very light year for sorting out a complex European tour.

But, maybe it will be no barrier. McCartney can afford to tour anywhere he wants thanks to being one of Britain's greatest imports. My Fellow Americans have probably figured out by now that despite McCartney claiming he was on tour and couldn't vote 9*, He would have voted remain. It doesn't even matter anymore because everyone in hindsight to be "trendy" is saying they knew leaving was a mistake. This is why Paul is now talking about the advice from financial analysts to stay in as being a valid argument. He, along with other undecided voters should have revealed how he would have voted prior to the decision. The whole "they told us it was a bad idea" bandwagon complaints was a reaction to the immediate result of the referendum result- The mighty Pound was now at a 30 year low against the USD. Even the 17 million leave voters aren't able to say more than "oh well, we will keep calm and carry on". They can't actually admit they got it wrong based on stock market shake ups.10* Everybody in the UK is feeling the actual affects on their incomes. If the sterling goes up in value in the future due to Brexit, I'm sure everyone will claim they voted "Out" instead of "In".
If I have any point to this ES-Say and Brexit results in a huge UK tour, I really won't be surprised, just broke attempting to scrape money together for multiple McCartney shows.11*

*That what we sometimes call "him" here
**Example- The Mail On Sunday, 5th of June, 2016
***All Of This Is BS, I got nothing to back this up.
****Sorry, our records indicate that USA readership is highest for this blog but we welcome former and current EU readership!
***** Slightly better, extra lunches maybe, but not daily massages!
*****I do that joke way too much....if it even is a joke...
6* The Irish Times 20/6/16
7* Virgin spaceship-thingy division wasn't started yet. It was his Virgin Records company making waves in the 1970s.
8* Non-EU road crew still has to secure their European travel, but in the future it will include McCartney himself along with other British employees.
9* Some recent interview, maybe The Washington Post, I'm too lazy to quote the quote.
10* please don't send letters, whatever your opinion is, it's just my view.
11* somehow this guarantees paying more to travel where ever Paul wants to play.
12* This blog took a week to write, and I'm sorry if it's not chock full o' Paul. I wish there was more to report but a private concert in the UK and Stella McCartney playing Glastonbury is a bit random to discuss since I've seen clips of neither.

Saturday, June 18, 2016

ES-Say #75 Stone Free Festival! Free Record Show! Free Me Now!
At least I came home with a button from The O2...

As I enjoy attending record fairs from, it seemed like a special event to bring one to The O2. Usually, you need to have your hand stamped for admission and pay a small fee. I did enjoy freely walking into the Vinyl Fair area at The O2 today, avoiding getting branded, but I was puzzled. With The Stone Free Festival(18th-19th June) hosting this event, it made me think the VIP Fair would be packed with sellers(it wasn't).

The fair was placed in the empty area in front of the main O2 concert merchandise booth. It felt more like a sample of what a record show is like, just without the amount of various types of music I would expect to see. There was a good amount of Beatles Vinyl, just I wanted to go home with a few more range of items. (Yes, I'm talking about Bootlegs...I don't think they had enough "questionable releases" to keep me interested).

I spent a total of £18. Probably about £40 less than normal and I had thought I might go for broke had the fair been massive. What did I buy then? Abbey Road on CD! *Smacks Self*

For me, as much as it's a moment to buy Abbey Road for the first time on CD(Ed. Note- yeah, we had a dodgy copy already, but £4 for a 1987 copy seemed worth it), I wasn't looking to own one today. Aside from a McCartney Tour Button, Magical Mystery Tour 45 rpm with colour booket, and a Flaming Pie picture disc, I wasn't in the mood to look for anything else of personal value. I had only picked up "Young Boy" for a fiver because I have my original copy in storage.
This may be some impulse buys but I had to come back with something...

Storage, which hasn't been discussed here for awhile, is all the Macca\ Beatles materials I left about a decade ago in my sister's walk-in closet, possibly never to be seen again, as it cost about £700 to retrieve. I will re-buy most of this stuff without trying to remember what I actually left behind when I moved to Mars(Ed. Note- also known as Europe).

With not much interest in staying around The O2 for more than 45 minutes, I left underwhelmed and not interested in seeing Alice Cooper tonight appearing at the Stone Free Festival. So, I spent the remainder of the day blogging for Paul McCartney's birthday.

The next time I attend a record show, I think it would be better to fork over the admission fees, if only to report back to whomever reads this blog that I struck gold and found some Wings imports...

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Sunday, June 12, 2016

ES-Say #74th Birthday Is Our Birthday Too Yeah!

                                              Welcome Home, Pure McCartney!

Not Saying Anything To Paul McCartney Blog would like you to remember way back in April 2016, upon hearing about the release of "Pure McCartney," your favourite writer of all-ridiculous- average-fandom towards Paul McCartney, slammed the 4CD "Pure McCartney." In one word, the idea of another Greatest Hits collection was "Unwelcome." The argument was based around the McCartney-as-solo-artist-period release as another album investment- Wings Greatest, Wingspan, All The Best, every album CD re-release since, like, forever, or name your favourite bootleg. ES-Say 66-Poor McCartney!  still stands, but that doesn't mean that when "Pure McCartney" got flung through my mailbox this weekend, I couldn't judge it further for what the practicality in my life would actually be provided by this box set.*

Pure McCartney is pure and simply, a box set of McCartney's solo period, both in band Wings and under his own household-recognised name. It might be seen as convenient item to support a tour. "Release new material for my tour?" thought Paul. "No, a minion at MPL requested a greatest hits album. Brilliant, less effort for me! Let's tour!" Asking Paul McCartney to go down memory lane is what he can do on auto-pilot these days. But, as the Pure McCartney release comes out a week before the icon's 74th Birthday, the average person should now "Welcome" an offering of McCartney that screams "I'm still here and not dead yet!"

In 2016, we have several options of listening to 67 songs. In the old days of the 1990s, a 67 song collection would have been available in maybe two different commercial formats-As a box set CD or box set Cassette collection. Today, you can get the set on Vinyl or burned directly into your retina. (Ok, maybe not surgically delivered but popular music formats seems to be headed in a unbelievable direction). As a 4-CD set, the money paid is reasonable. In my mind, I've paid for four CDs at the cost of three. The booklet is incorporated alongside the CDs in a nicely presented packaging. I'd give the packaging a 9 out of 10, losing a point for the individual sleeved CDs pressing up against the light cardboard-backing photos. I now need some compensation from the unknown CD pressing plant that caused some sort of CD Ringwear on my box set photos.(That will never happen, oh well..)

Most reviewers of CDs will summarize the entire release to make a deadline. They rate these CDs often quickly based on a snap judgement(See ES-Say 66- Poor Poor Poor McCartney). Why is that? because there is often an idea how something is perceived without actually taking the time to consider what is being presented. Views can be changed over time and I feel owning Pure McCartney will take several listens over time to get a final opinion about how significant it really is or will be related to his overall body of work. I'm not making apologies the way Philip Norman does in 800 page book format(BURN). I'll wait for an employer to pay me for writing or Paul McCartney calls my house(two things NOT happening anytime soon) and then I will apologise.

Oh yeah, back to Pure McCartney which I have been listening to on Spotify after three days of little opportunity listen to this retrospective collection on CD. Finally, spinning today after blog nemesis "The Foot" told me to wait to listen to the ultimate McCartney date album(more snap judgements r us!) when he was miles away from home. I closed my eyes and chose CD3. Using CD3 as a sample, these were the songs that I wanted to mix into a Spotify playlist-The World Tonight, Souvenier, Dance Tonight, Fine Line, Press, Wanderlust, Beautiful Night, and Queenie Eye. 35 minutes, yet cuts out stuff I don't want to listen to "in the mix". The release, despite being in box set format, seemingly was advertised for the person wanting to listen to Paul for four hours straight during a car trip.

In my case, I went on an hour long car trip sneaking randomly forced Pure tracks from a Spotify Free account on my phone. While I'm glad Spotify Free is more user friendly on a PC, it is utter hell to access on a smartphone. So understanding that a computer was shuffling tracks, I got to hear 1985, Queenie Eye, Listen To What The Man Said, Too Many People(interrupted from lost phone service through wooded countryside), Hi Hi Hi(interrupted and stopped due to receiving Hi Hi Hi phone bill). Normal life had interrupted my Pure McCartney experience, but it had me wanting for more. I have decided not to force a listening session over four hours but make my own mix from these songs that will work for me. Pure McCartney has given me the choice to decide what I want to listen to and how much of it, the whole purpose of a retrospective box set.

Paul as usual, has planned ahead- "Yeah, so leave off all the good songs from Flowers In the Dirt and Off The Ground, I'm not dead yet, so that's two more releases and two more World Tours!!!"

Happy Birthday, Paul! Thanks for the gifts that keep on giving!

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*obviously an editor or computer wiz is needed for the formatting of this ES-Say...groan...



Monday, June 6, 2016

ES-Say #73 The Art Of McCartney Scrapbooking
                           Daily Mail Event Magazine 5/6/16 With Sunday Mail Clippings 

Beatles fans collect a wide range of related memorabilia. It may be recordings, photography, books, or even Yellow Submarine film material. What do I collect? It's difficult to define because I have multiple collections(and limited space to store it all). ES-Say #73 is going to focus on one of my random Beatles/McCartney collections- Magazine and Newspaper clippings.
                                   A Sample Of My Scrapbook- Completely Unorganised 

"Clippings" are basicially stuff I either rip or carefully remove with scissors from print media. This does not include full publications, like the Event magazine(above, main photo).  Clippings are slightly annoying to collect, because when I leave them lying around the house, it's likely I might accidently damage or even throw them away. I've never really liked the idea of wasting both time and money, so I started officially scrapbooking. "Scrapbooking" can be a major decorative hobby for most to preserve precious memories. There are notable methods of how a person can produce fantastic presentations to impress friends and family guests. My scrapbooking? It's an obsessive pastime that not a soul would be volunteering to ask to take a look through.

How lucky it is that my blog visitors actually want to continue reading to find out about this "hobby" of mine! (I'll give you the chance to run screaming now). If your still interested, here's how these scrapbooks work-

1. I have one main scrapbook at the moment. The purpose of it is for me to file stuff within the pages, and to forget all about the book until I need to store something inside of it.

2. If an article is not in the book, it is in an "infinite holding period". This means if I accidently find an article that is floating around the house there is no guarantee it needs to get into the "Scrapbook."

3. The book does not have any organisation, otherwise I would not have time to work on any other of my collections. Some of the known "other collections" discussed here since the blog started? That's right, the "Give My Regards To Broad Street" and "Goodnight Tonight 45s" collection as well as whatever the heck this is-  

A Sample Of More Various McCartney things mixed with some other musical groups

4. There is a process. The process is respected by maybe a few people that occasionally use my "services" for their own media print collections. My service is called "I get the ^&* for you and you trade me for something else." In this example below, I'm having a grand ole time sifting through new materials whilst catching up with Duran Duran. Killing two birds with one stone, figuratively, makes me a very happy woman. (No, Closer Magazine was filed, the "We all used to be racist" article has gone into the "Scrapbook")

5. The modern "Scrapbook" has eliminated adhesives. Everything is removable and ready for the "Zombie Apocalypse." It's in a ring binder with plastic sleeves with white cardboard backing. So far, so good. (BTW, I don't believe in Zombies, but I'm still well prepared!).

6. The content is random. It ranges from notable events(Cilla Black's Funeral) to "Paul made the paper"(see "We all used to be racist" in Todays Daily Star). The favourite content is the advertisements for current music releases. (I'm looking for "Pure McCartney" ads as the next "notable event").

7. "Hunting Down Articles" is worse than the joy of throwing newspaper in a ringbinder. This past Sunday(see the top photo again) I was spending time with Family and discovered through Facebook that I needed to find the Sunday Daily Mail. Instantly, it was impossible to find a news agent at 3PM, but I found the paper within two hours after going into "autopilot." My Family decided to disown me and I think I've discovered the error of my ways. I need to "Let It Go" and not alienate the people around me on a pleasant sunday afternoon but that's not going to happen.

8. "The Dead Period" occurs when I'm just not that into the overall "collecting scene." Some say it's "disloyal" but I call it "A Break." We all have to recharge our batteries, and with the "Scrapbooking", it can't be an all-consuming "hobby" all the time. If I got paid to do this stuff, it would still need to be done with passion and not boredom.

Viva la Paul collection!

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