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ES-Say #103

Keep Under Cover-NSATPM's "Secret Blog"

Oh Dear! What Are We Hiding?!? Read on...QUIETLY!

The Brief-If you are a regular visitor to the blog, well done! You have been rewarded with a special ES-Say of Not Saying Anything To Paul McCartney! So, sit back with the knowledge that this blog will only be advertised on our Twitter Page and Facebook Group. Maybe only 60 people, including you, knows that ES-Say #104 will be next and all those billions of casual visitors will think we stopped after #102! (I'm going to ask to you share our average blog about "The Paul McCartney" with your friends on social media but you don't have to direct them to ES-Say #103.)

The News- November 2017: Paul McCartney is currently(as of yesterday) still staying home in England and has been spotted in London. You may have heard that he showed up at Steven Van Zandt's Roundhouse show for a duet of "I Saw Her Standing There." This led us to confirm that the public photos from the official(and under-the-radar) launch event of Meat Free Monday's new documentary, took place in London(prior to McCartney's surprise appearance with Van Zandt.) 

On November 11th, NSATPM also accidentally came across The Daily Mail Story About Paul's Hair published online. Now, we had the print edition at home and only saw the article about how "Knickers The Dog" became "Martha, My Dear"* The story about Paul walking past a bin, seemed to get cut from the paper. All I know, is that nobody stopped the presses for the physical copy released on Saturday.

               You're Fooling No One Mate!!!! Even That Bin Wouldn't Wear Sunglasses In November!

The Daily Mail article tries to make the story about thinning hair despite the fact that this is no bombshell information for a 75-year-old person. They are at least 20 years too late to make this a notable story. They couldn't just say "We Got Paul McCartney taking a stroll in London!" so regardless of his hair follicles, it was nice to read the rest of the story about his current world tour.

Hidden Video Documents- For those of you who remember 1993, it will be no shock to you that Paul McCartney, and his slightly greying hair, was a guest star on SNL's Chris Farley Skit. Unfortunately, the full clip has rarely been seen outside the USA in years because NBC has a stranglehold on its rights. Long story short, We* found the full clip on You Tube, which had been uploaded October 2017. Take a look before it probably gets taken down from YouTube In The UK. 
The 1993 appearance of Paul McCartney on Saturday Night Live promoting his album "Off The Ground" is a dear memory for NSATPM because as a teenager in NYC, We did record the episode on VHS and watched it a lot before our Cat, Rocky Raccoon, destroyed it(or a DVD player was bought and the tape got lost). 20+ Years is a long time to have to wait to watch a non-grainy copy of this classic and be informed about the state of Paul's hair in modern times.(GET OVER IT, DAILY MAIL! He Used To Be Greying!)  


George Harrison! We're looking forward to celebrating in memory of George Harrison's 75th Birthday. So, that means we're going back to Liverpool in February! FYI, GEORGE HARRISON WAS NOT THE WALRUS** so it's hush hush to talk about him in great detail as a solo artist here at Not Saying Anything To Paul McCartney, since this isn't a Quiet Beatle blog*.

Not so top secret- Liverpool Beatle Guide, Jackie Spencer, is planning a Birthday Celebration Bus Tour for George. For More Information Click Here: George Harrison Day

We're going to wear a George Harrison shirt(most of) the time that weekend and attempt to learn more about the "I got my mind set on you" hitmaker. It's going to be difficult to switch gears*** but rest assured, "The Paul McCartney" is always on our mind.

Not Saying Anything To Paul McCartney would like to thank you for your interest in this blog. Quietly, tell a friend ES-Say #104 is coming soon!

*Daily Mail 11/11/17 "In Macca's arm's, pup he loved so much he wrote a hit about her" pg 11.
** The Walrus Was Paul
*** Gear Fab!

Sunday, November 5, 2017

ES-Say #102

"These Little Dudes"-Meat Free Monday In The News

How Many Bathtubs Of Water Does It Take To Produce A Hamburger?!?

Meat Free Monday(MFM) is a charity that was started eight years ago by Paul, Stella, and Mary McCartney. This Friday, Paul, Stella, and Mary starred in a video to promote MFM and get the hashtag #OneDayAWeek (the title of the 5-minute video), trending. The reason given for releasing the video was due to this month's UN Climate Change Conference (COP 23). The video makes the argument(with The McCartneys and the help of Actors Emma Stone and Woody Harrelson) that climate change is strongly affected by animal agriculture. It is an appeal to the public: Try to not eat meat for one day a week and save the planet!

OK, YOU GOT ALL THAT? Reduce, Reuse, Recycle? No, just become a Flexitarian!

Here at Not Saying Anything To Paul McCartney we supported the MFM Flexitarian campaign from the beginning as there are other reasons to eat a meatless meal, besides climate change. You might eat a meat free meal because, oh I don't know...because you are already a bloody vegetarian! YES, I AM ALREADY A BEEPING VEGGIE. I really only need the MFM website for recipe ideas and to win tickets to a Paul McCartney show* I don't need to be asked to give up meat for one day.

I do remember nearly twenty years ago, when Linda McCartney died, Paul McCartney publicly suggested that people who wished to honor her memory could "Go Veggie." I think it was asked as one of the things to do, including donating to cancer research, in lieu of donating flowers. Well, I actually felt horrible about hearing of Linda's passing and I just decided to try being a Vegetarian. I was a vegetarian for three years because of this reason, which now seems naïve, to do something solely suggested by famous person. At some point, an adult needs to make a decision based on what is beneficial to themselves, and by 2006, I became a vegetarian for my own reasons.

If you would like to be a Flexitarian(aka semi vegetarian), go and do it, but only because you want to do it. Meat eaters can still be active in fighting the cause of climate change and any suggestion that this is impossible or hypocritical is ludacris. Should animal agriculture as an industry be held responsible for climate change? I don't have an answer, all I have to go by is a five-minute suggestion that it does. I can agree what The McCartneys are saying about personal health and animal welfare, I just don't understand what happens when more people buy veggie burgers than beef burgers at the supermarket or at Burger King. If you chose to not buy a hamburger, either someone else buys it or they throw it away. Waste and garbage is a whole other major environmental issue. Even the issue of rejecting fossil fuels has come to light because Paul McCartney is a frequent flyer due to regular touring(the argument  is "Yeah, go veggie but stop touring for clean air!")

Paul McCartney is doing something positive, talking about vegetarian living, as well as donating and supporting numerous charities. He has no obligation to do so.  As much as we have no obligation to agree or support his causes. Meat Free Monday has been successful and their work has been documented. More awareness for the charity is a good thing and the PR that The McCartneys contribute is valuable. But, if I hear that "we almost ate our own farm animals" story one more time I'm going to buy some lamb chops....**

The question is now, what's next? I'm hoping the UN has the answer.

Not Saying Anything To Paul McCartney doesn't usually get this personal. We will probably review something Beatle related in our next ES-Say. Please don't try to convert me to veganism or send me lamb chops(I mean our blog nemesis, The Foot, would be set for life...). I am only accepting £67 Beatles Christmas Vinyl, OK?

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*I won a Meat Free Monday contest in 2015.
** Thanks A Lot, National Geographic

Saturday, October 7, 2017

ES-Say #101

Introducing...Paul McCartney(The Capitol Records Version)
No, I'm Good- past versions(above) of re-released McCartney CD titles up for new single-disc issues from UME next month.

Money. That's what Paul McCartney's new record label, Capitol, wants. Since returning to the label in the past year or so, it has been announced that a selection of his solo back catalogue will be released on CD and Vinyl in November 2017. Pretty exciting news for new fans who may have seen McCartney on tour in the USA, and want to get up-to-speed with his albums. 

For bitter American expat not-so-new-fans, like myself, who still haven't seen Paul's "One On One" tour overseas, all this news about new re-releases coming out in shiny colour vinyl gets a big "excuse me, I thought I was going to get another studio album, brand new or a re-release that has been held off for decades." (Oh dear, some crotchety fans can be really annoying but understandably so when it comes to parting with cash.)

Through my limited research, older established McCartney fans don't seemed that thrilled. Take one look at the Twitter feed for music site, Super Deluxe Edition. It seems like their website is having a heart attack, whilst I read the information about how I might be getting screwed over with pricing. For example, SDE recently revealed the individual colour vinyl would be brought down(! huh!) in price to £29.99 per title. The British would say "are you taking the piss?" meaning "Seriously?" (Ed Note: Aren't you glad I can translate transatlantic terms?) 

Yes, £29.99, 30-something dollars, for a single vinyl record in piss-colour yellow, the perfect gag gift for the holidays, especially when you've got the original vinyl that cost £3 last month in a charity shop. Sure the £3 vinyl skips, but that's what the CDs are for, casual listening. For nearly £240 for all of the new re-release 8 coloured vinyls, I could see Paul McCartney in concert for two nights in a row and he could sing all the hits. A much better value than stock pilling single vinyl editions when I own the CD bonus tracks from each of the eight selected solo titles. 

It sounds a bit complicated but I'll cut to the chase- I'm not re-buying Paul McCartney albums I have no room or interest in keeping. I have no clue what will happen when Untitled-New McCartney 2018 comes out, but if this move by Capitol works to revenue money from newbies, in style rather than substance, is their priority, is concerning. Concord, his last label, really didn't do so awful, it seems(at least they put out Memory Almost Full in a single promo disc for free with the purchase of The Mail on Sunday in 2007). 

Capitol is not trying to impress anyone who has consistently been buying Paul McCartney albums. There isn't even any news about the plans to re-release titles like London Town, Press To Play, Back To The Egg, or Red Rose Speedway. Can this mean that bonus material will be cut out in this new label switch? I mean, If bonus tracks are getting to the point of being reserved for higher paying customers who have to understand using music streaming service download access cards, I'm not going to get to hear a remastered "Mole Mix" of No More Lonely Nights anytime soon.

Plus, If any new Super Deluxe versions don't release Give My Regards To Broad Street on PAL(another far stretch for a proper UK release of the 1984 film), I'm going to go ballistic and throw that money into my "Paul McCartney UK Tour Fund". 

With all this saved up money avoiding Capital Records minimalistic song collections, It looks like I'm going to an soundcheck back in the United States when he returns for the 17th time on the same tour...

Bitterness prevails here at Not Saying Anything To Paul McCartney but at least we have plenty of old McCartney CDs to already to play that make everything alright.
Press To Play Holland 1993 ex-library copy has seen better days, but still doesn't skip!

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Sunday, September 17, 2017

ES-Say #100

No Sunday Rain Today-McCartney Not On Tap For Promoting His Guest Recordings

September 15th, 2017 Paul McCartney appears on New Ringo Starr And Foo Fighters Releases

Let's get one thing straight- I Love Paul McCartney! I don't think I need to explain this, but when I type on my blog about Paul McCartney, I'm not always making positive comments and observations about his career. That doesn't mean I'm against McCartney as a solo artist, or a Beatle. I'm only against pretending to like every single thing he has to offer to his fans, whether it be a song or a fashion statement, or even the manner of his self-promotion. In fact, I will champion any argument in favour of Give My Regards To Broad Street(The 1984 film, widely considered to be a Turkey), His 1970's creation of Wings, and commitment to Vegetarianism. I just can't get enough of 1980s-1990s Paul McCartney releases. So before, we begin my slaughter(sorry, bad choice), I mean pounding, of two new McCartney-related music offerings, please don't mistake the review as damaging to McCartney's image. It's only a review, folks, as usual, I'm not saying anything to Paul McCartney....

Ringo...RINGO!, and Dave Grohl- Both good friends with Paul McCartney. Not surprising at all that Paul would willingly go and record with each of them. In fact, all summer we have heard snippets and read articles, all about what he contributed to both artists new albums. Coincidently, both were released on the same day(this past Friday). I decided to download two of the songs in which Paul appears- Sunday Rain(Paul on Drums, Foo Fighters) and We're On The Road Again(Paul on Bass and Backing Vocals*).

First let's talk about We're On The Road Again from Ringo's Give More Love CD. It's produced to be a single(which I believe it actually is) and formulated to sound like an instant hit song, in that Ringo way, in which he sings these matter-of-fact type lyrics("...headed for the studio to finish this track.."). I don't actually own any Ringo Starr solo song, but this isn't "It Don't Come Easy" this new song is like a cross-between "It Don't Come Easy," Paul's "New"(title track from "New" 2013), and whatever a comedy impression of Ringo Starr would sound like with Paul chiming in("haaaaaaaaaaaaah" offering in the song was not missed or appreciated because it was equally formulated like Ringo's phoned in lyrics throughout).

One could argue New(single 2013) has more merit as a song, but is the only miss-step in an otherwise fresh and dynamic Paul album. I've listened to the New(single) with such reluctance over the years because it felt like a safe song for McCartney to release- no chance to not be a single, yet effortlessly presented without much care. Unless, I get a copy of "Give More Love" for free, I'm not going to buy four copies of it like I did for New(album, 2013). If Paul can't save Ringo's album, no one can. And, no, I don't feel like going into Ringo even more, but I'm not convinced he should be continuing to put out albums, just for the hell of it.

Music Promotion is in a brand new age. The old promotion tricks of getting an album sold in stores from a radio single has moved on. Your bound to buy a new album in 2017 because a) You heard it in a Christmas commercial for sweaters, or b) It's free in your local newspaper. Most new music has to have a catch or gimmick now for you to notice it's available. Record companies have to try new trends to get sales for established artists new offerings. That's why RCA records has taken this UK route of a POP-UP shop(In this case, an artist themed-Pub), for the Foo Fighters new album "Concrete And Gold."

          Which gets your attention- a sign at HMV or an entire Pub. Choose Now(One serves Hard Alcohol-I'll give you a minute)

Sure, The Fighters Of Foo, are a great band. Our Blog Nemesis, The Foot, is a big fan. Myself, I like the greatest hits, and I like Grohl as an ex-member of Nirvana. So, even if The Foot has accused me of now just liking The Foo Fighters, because Paul McCartney has appeared as the drummer on their new song, Sunday Rain, he would be sorely mistaken. I like The Foo Fighters and they have teamed up a second or third time for a McCartney-billed recording. This time around Sunday Rain, isn't bad at all with McCartney drumming on it. What is bad, is that I spent my Sunday morning pretending to love The Foo Fighters to buy exclusive merchandise in Bethnal Green. Not a McCartney mention at all, just a bunch of looping queues to get into The Foo Fighters Arms. Where did my £60 go-
                       Some of what was left to purchase at the converted The Dundee Arms

I felt like the purpose in buying related Concrete and Gold merchandise was worth it as to have something from an album that McCartney was a part of. However, all the promotion in print and online has seemed to feature McCartney as the after thought. It doesn't seem likely that Paul had a huge hand to give his promotional push over to The Foos despite the connection of appearing on the album. Here's a big example of that lack of input(YouTube Video Below). Dave Grohl is only give the opportunity to name drop Paul it seems. (At least Ringo got a picture with Paul)
On Sunday Rain, instead of sticking out like a sore thumb with Ringo, Paul takes the task of drumming with more modesty. The singer isn't even Grohl, but surprise surprise, their own Foo Drummer, Taylor Hawkins. But, even though Paul didn't even seem to be in the same room to record for this, the improvised licks fit like a glove(do we even call drum beats licks? No idea). I'm proud of Paul here, but he's disposed to promote it for good reason..a little matter of a USA Tour...

....but that doesn't mean he shouldn't actually be promoting it...

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*he also plays Bass on track 3 of Give More Love.

Monday, August 28, 2017

ES-Say #99

Stop Off At Paul's House-From Abbey Road To Baker Street

                                             Across The Road from 7 Cavendish Avenue, London

Bank Holiday Weekend In The UK 2017. A Three Day Weekend, marking the end of International Beatles Week in Liverpool . Unfortunately, despite my two pilgrimage trips to Liddy Pool this year, I declined to attend. Making matters worse, had I planned to travel via train from London- there are track repairs being done that would have forced me to hitchhike. No thanks, If I'm going to do a Beatles-Themed vacation break, I might as well do a walking tour by myself in London.

Luckily, Abbey Road Studios has recently opened a tourist shop. It's located next door to the left of the studio. I decided to return this weekend for two reasons. A. To get 50% in the shops holiday weekend sale, and B. To see the Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts façade on the walls. Well...I had some mixed results!

Firstly- Here are some pictures back in late June 2017-

BEAUTIFUL! I can't remember a time ever seeing something so celebratory at the studios!

...AND NOW...end of August 2017

 Oh well, at least I can tell you about the other extremely wonderful change I have noticed...
No, not this horrible sign...(we get it-don't even think of getting in, you poor peasants!)

The 411 is that when you go through the shop walkway entrance right next door to 5 Abbey Road, for the first time ever, (or maybe in ages), you can take clear beautiful pictures of the right side view of the front of the studios!!!

As I moseyed on into the studio shop, I told two of the sales people this amazing discovery. Politely smiling, they tried to sell me limited in-store items from the online 50% off sale, but humoured my talking to them about taking photos of the building.

The rest of the store was a balanced mix of Abbey Road Studios branded, Beatles branded & other Abbey Road recording artists(but expectedly mostly Beatles merch). It's a small store, but it has a good range of collectibles to check out. After spending £19 in total on a 1966 Revolver tote bag and a Sgt Pepper notebook(marked down from £8 to £4), I was on my way....

...on my way to Paul McCartney's St. John's Wood home, a short distance away from Abbey Road!

Before, I strolled down Cavendish Avenue, I remembered that I wanted to sit on Paul McCartney's Bus Stop Bench-
                That's my own foot, not to be confused with our absent blog nemesis "The Foot."

"Paul McCartney's Bus Stop Bench!", you ask, "That's not in The Beatles' London Guide To 467 Sites !?"

Here at Not Saying Anything To Paul McCartney Blog, not only do we give reviews of documented Beatles Sites, but we go that extra mile to tell you about stuff you didn't even realise could be Beatle connected!

Yes, that's right, Sir Paul McCartney sings a lot about bus riding, so why not get Selfies at the closest bus stop at the end of his street? Last time I saw this fancy bench, people were actually sitting on it, waiting for the 46 or 187-

This time, I practically draped myself over the empty bench. What a thrill! Next stop-Paul McCartney's Local Area Post Box!!! Yaaaay!(Nevermind...I do draw the line somewhere...)

Getting back at the task at hand- to walk past Paul McCartney's 7 Cavendish Avenue home. This was my third visit over the years. The first two times, I just walked down the road without stopping long enough to get a photo. This time I built up the courage to take some photos of the shut gate(you can't see through it). To be honest, there is very little view of the house due to huge trees and shrubbery, but you can see parts of the top of the house. Again, the "side view g-ds" were with me, as 9 Cavendish Avenue had it's gate open(but blocked by a parked van), and you could see some more of the top front of Paul's house.

I am not a criminal and I don't want to get accused of trespassing via "She Came In Through The Bathroom Window." I only took a couple of photos from the sidewalk and across the street(it's public street, mind you). I quickly kept going towards the end of the block, past mentioned Paul's public postbox leading towards Wellington Place(Next To Paul's...I mean Lord's Cricket Ground).

The next place I wanted to go was to London Beatles Store near Baker Street Station. It's a nice walk or bike ride heading east from Wellington Road. All you have to do is follow the station signs and not have to bother with getting back on a train for one stop.
                             I mean, I don't mind running(or walking) over to look at more Beatles merchandise!

There was a HUGE line outside the front of the London Beatles Store, but that was for the entry next door to the Sherlock Homes Museum. I had to cut through the queue to get over to the line-free front of the Beatles shop. The shop is two rooms filled with official merchandise with a huge selection of apparel and souvenirs. I love the selection of T-Shirts and there's always something new to see. However, it seems like a revolving door of employees(I've never recognized a permanent staff member). I used to think that the employees standing close by in the front room were eager to help but they seem more like private security in plain clothes. "Friendly" is not the word I'm thinking of. It's not that their unhelpful but there is a hint of snobbery in the air. (Don't get me started about the employees in the second room. They seem to deal with some higher priced items, yet the Hope Diamond is not in the collection!) 

Anyhoo, The Beatles music playing and a limited 2 for £25 on some t-shirts were available, but I didn't like the designs this time around. Also, I noticed that a Paul McCartney autograph connected with Give My Regards To Broad Street(in a display frame) had been taken down since the last time I visited and I left empty handed.

I usually end this 90 min walking excursion by checking out what that English like to call "Tack". Tack is basically the London tourist merchandise stuff for holiday souvenirs. But, surprisingly, I have found some unique Beatles items made cheaply for tourists, and in front of Baker Street Station there are several shops that carry Beatles coffee mugs and other mystery items. This time, I wound up buying five George Harrison party masks for £1.50 each.*

You honestly don't know what you'll find when you take this London walk but it's a gateway into looking for more Beatles sites in London.

Not Saying Anything To Paul McCartney Blog has written past ES-Says that explore McCartney and Beatles sites outdoor adventures. Check it out!

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Saturday, August 5, 2017

ES-Say #98

Out of Print-A Sampling of Old McCartney Cassettes
      Unplugged(1991), Just one of the fifteen cassettes I bought off of Ebay recently

Many people have gotten caught up in the resurrection of the vinyl format over the past few years.

Wait, my mistake- Young people have been introduced to, and have gotten caught up the return of the record player and buying new vinyl at inflated prices. Older people who decided to dump the format in favour of the CD and Cassette are just snickering in the background.

Again, I've goofed- Old Farts, like myself, have felt compelled to mix with the babies who go to HMV and say "Oh look, Justin Beiber has put his rock album out on 180 gram vinyl! I need this for my collection and it's only 19.99!" We want to desperately school the youth. We want to break these overpriced records in half. We only want to deal with this retro nightmare if that means record accessories (sleeves, mostly in my case) are easier to obtain.

So, when I recently bought a McCartney cassette for my collection, I thought it was strange that LAST YEAR, it was predicted that the CASSETTE was the next format comeback for these thumb suckers(sorry, hipsters...). I vaguely remember hearing this news, but it wasn't really mentioned again. Why?  Was it because not enough artists were willing to commit to having their new releases put out on cassette? Yup!

Off hand, I can only discuss how several of these newly released cassettes are limited edition collector items and not for anyone who wants easy access to a new recording.

At the moment, the three-song 2017 Record Store Day release of Flowers In The Dirt Demos on Cassette are going for over £30 on Ebay. No, Thanks! I would rather buy a bunch of random discontinued Paul McCartney tapes for the same price, and spend an addition £17.99(+ £4.99 on Duracell Batteries) for a brand new tape player.
                                      We Got The Tapes! (And A Little Bit Of A Mess!)

The whole experience of buying and playing cassettes again was similar to an old friend reunion. You can't figure out why you were friends in the first place, but it's great to reminisce about the past while having a good laugh.

I laughed, I cried, I was completely rusty in the beginning using one, but I've come to the conclusion that a tape player can be fit into my home. If I ever need some home security from an intruder, I'm swinging this brick first-
It's not how I remember a Walkman. They were light-weight and didn't have a tacky antenna and speaker attached.

My new cassette player was confusing at first. I hadn't owned one in years and was only familiar with the basics-Play, Rewind, Fast Forward, Stop. It came with some poor quality earbuds which I immediate threw away and stuck in Apple earbuds. Within a month, I was listening to various McCartney tapes that peaked my interest and I kept notes(to torture my blog readers with, naturally...)

Not Saying Anything To Paul McCartney's Retro Tapes Review!

1st Victim- Give My Regards To Broad Street(1984 Original, TCPCTC2). For £1, I got to listen to a tape that was on it's last leg because it was warbled. This was most heart breaking during "Wanderlust" because of the strangling lead vocal playback, which is a normally lovely recorded performance on CD. ("liiiight out wander-luuuuuuust, help us to be freeeeeeee" sounds unfortunately painful on Tape). It's like listening to music underwater and something I hadn't considered that would sound worse than a record skipping. The operation of the tape reels could be heard clicking, which became a pattern with other the used tapes purchased.  No improvement could be heard with listening without earphones to the decent speaker. I had no idea if the quality of the tape would ruin the player or if the player was too cheap at this point. 

2nd Victims- Tug Of War(Thailand, Golden Peacock 1036). The first of a group of tapes that I honestly thought were distributed on legitimate foreign labels. There was a reason I never heard of Golden Peacock, Thomsum, or King's. They were all mid-1980s Pirated copies that are easy to buy. I learned something new- The history of enforcing copywrite in Thailand

This similarly applied to the Indonesian and Saudi Arabia tapes(labels above) of Give My Regards..,Press To Play and Pipes Of Peace. The quality of these tapes was pretty good, yet the errors included made them qualify as "mix tapes." For example, the running order of songs was incorrect or songs from other albums were included. It may have been great to get the 6:56 version of Say Say Say on to tape rather than dragging out the vinyl 12"single. It was not-so-great for expecting to hear "The Best of Paul McCartney-New '85" masking itself a "Billboard" release, and getting a weird version of the Frankie Goes To Hollywood LP. Pirate Copies- Relax, Don't Do It!

3rd Victims- Press To Play(1986 Original, TCPCSD 103) and "Pretty Little Head"(Original Single, TCR 6145). I enjoyed listening to Press To Play on Cassette and seemed to enjoy side two the most, despite the worn out playback interruptions(Can we please have this re-released on CD again?). However, I was happy to find out I paid £2 for Pretty Little Head, which is the 1st Paul McCartney UK cassette single ("One of the rarest singles in this format" is what I wrote in my notes-possibly from copied from Wikipedia or I saw a few listings(not on Ebay) for it being sold for £10. Having a copy of it is a reminder that I love collecting McCartney for the sake of just having a collection.

4th Victim-  McCartney(Fame/MPL Original, FA 41 3100 4) was from a budget reissue of EMI Records. As an official release, it too was warbled! I'm going to take this used copy as a sign that official and used Paul McCartney cassettes were played so often that the owners just played them out, rather than not playing them at all. If this is why all my used Beatles records skip during popular hits, it makes loads of sense. (I haven't listened to the full McCartney album in years, so I am assuming my CD copy will not let me down, like the dying cat of a cassette from a mid-price range).

Our 5th and final victim- a personal favourite! No Joke! For £6.50(my best offer Ebay winning bid), I got a two TDK cassettes with black and white-copied homemade cassette covers. It was the known LIPA benefit Liverpool show 28/6/1990. I tried to research all the questionable and legit sources of this recording(like the C4 airing 17/12/90 of "From Rio To Liverpool"). My opinion is that I've got the complete show and I think all 31 songs are in the correct order. I believe it's a combination of both soundboard and audience recorded. I enjoyed listening to it on cassette so much and I long for all the non-McCartney and Beatles lost live tapes left in a box that my cat peed on(in my absence). I don't wish it was 1999, I just want to revive my urine-free, life of crime* 

Sunday, July 23, 2017

ES-Say #97

A Ketchup With "Paul Or Nothing" Podcast

Not Saying Anything To Paul McCartney had the opportunity to ask some questions to Sam Whiles, Creator of the "Paul or Nothing" Podcast. On the show, Whiles offers some knowledgeable insight into McCartney's music catalogue as a 1970s solo artist and beyond, along with some special guests to weigh in about Paul's post-Beatle career.  Whiles was a good sport to tackle our burning questions, so let's get on with the interview!

Meredith Evonne, NSATPM Blog: How has your podcast developed since starting back in November of 2016? Has it met your expectations?

Sam Whiles, Paul or Nothing Podcast: Wow, November 2016! Has it been that long? The podcast was previously on another podcast hosting site, so it must be even older than that. In terms of success, growth, and branding (and all those other horrid buzzwords), I guess I am very pleased that I have any listeners at all. Paul may technically be more popular than ever, but in terms of people I meet, it may as well be the dreaded 1980's in terms of being a fan.

The Podcast has yet to hit 10,000 downloads, but our fan base is a wonderfully vibrant bunch, who teach me more than I probably teach them! After the success of my Tom Waits Podcast, Down in the Hole, which was considerably bigger, I never expected anything really, so all of this is a plus.

NSATPM: How do you prepare to discuss your McCartney album and songs analysis prior to a recording an episode of the podcast?

Whiles: The preparation process for each episode varies. The general gist of it, is at least two months of soaking in the album. The show is just as much a journey for me as it is for the audience, so I need to get my hands dirty with each release as opposed to just listening to it once or twice.

I then write long hand the entire script for that episode, which can easily go over 30 pages. This is mostly done due to a pretty noticeable stutter (that I am far too self-conscious about). However, I am experimenting with a looser format for a much quicker turn around. Don't even get me started on the editing process...

NSATPM: I heard you talk about 'Monkberry Moon Delight'. Is this your favourite McCartney song? I got that impression...
Whiles: Early on, I did commit to ‘Monkberry Moon Delight’ as it was my favourite McCartney track before I started the podcast. It's always tricky to be faithful to a particular song, and truthfully, I have been tempted by many other sultry tracks. For example, the charms of ‘Goodnight Tonight’ have recently been worming their way into my ear. Similar to my favourite album, the choice varies with how I'm feeling and what I'm listening to. Though it will always be in my top 5. "SO I SAT IN THE ATTIC...."
         There's a lot of love for this Wings single at NSATPM, but you've heard it all before!

NSATPM: The several bonus episodes are an interesting feature, as you got to interview a few popular McCartney book authors and former Wings Guitarist Laurence Juber. Was it easy to book your guests or were they hard to contact at first? Who else would you want to interview? 
Whiles: Every guest who I have had on the show, has been surprisingly cordial and easy to book. Juber, in particular, was a gentleman who acquiesced to several rescheduling of his interview. Normally, all it takes is a well-written email, some flattery, and the confidence to pretend that the show has a lot more listeners than it really does. In terms of future guests, the current Holy Grail's are: Denny Seiwell (Wings first drummer), Denny Laine (Wings lead guitarist), and Mark Lewisohn (the king of Beatles biographies). Any of those guys would greatly warm the cockles of my heart.

NSATPM I'll be honest, I like to occasionally listen to several different Beatles and Paul McCartney topic podcasts and radio shows. It's refreshing to have "Paul or Nothing" as a newer entry, but how are you trying to promote your show within the fan community? 
Whiles: Thank you, It's always tough being the new kid on the block, especially since I do the show by myself, like some sort of digital hermit. Honestly, I should always be doing more to promote the show, but all the avenues are lucrative if you know how to use them. Lately, I have begun promoting the show (and blog) on 10 of the biggest Beatles/McCartney Facebook pages; they have given me a very kind welcome.
Appearing on other podcasts, is a must in this industry, and conversely I am also planning on having other podcast hosts (who will remain nameless for the sake of tension) on the show to help with online visibility. For example, I had YouTube Beatles celeb and auteur 'The HollyHobs' on my channel and that brought me more traffic than I ever could imagine.

If I was in traffic(and could learn to drive*), I would listen to the "Paul or Nothing" Podcast by visiting:
On ITunes, and other podcast sites by typing in "Paul or Nothing" or "Paul McCartney Podcast"
On Twitter @mccartneypod
Thanks to Sam Whiles for his time and interest in talking to us!

Not Saying Anything To Paul McCartney would like to remind you to check out our current Paul McCartney news and our blog updates by joining the  "Fun Club" Facebook Group or Twitter page(see the widget!). Our next ES-Say #98 will be forthcoming and you won't want to miss all the exciting action!